No Reason to Be Red!

Sexy lingerie for women – by women that is the focus of the Berlin-based designer Claudia Kleinert, who succeeds with her blush international lingerie label. Find the best expert advice, plus the most embarrassing missteps of the stars here!

To combine the practical with the beautiful, is the highest art. The invention of the BRA in the year 1889 falls into exactly that category. Meanwhile, the variety of models that are offered on the market is huge: Push-Up BRA, Underwire BRA, Halter, strapless,… But what must you look for when buying a new BHs? The designer of the Berlin label blush has put together the best tips for you:

DOS and Don’ts:

Be sure to buy Bras always with sufficiently large bust. The BRA in size is too small, you have very ugly small rolls that are emerging under the sweater. Bras, which rear slide upwards, are too far from the bust. That’s right: the BRA sits front and rear on a line!

The wrong Cup size can ruin the most beautiful piece of clothing. The BRA should wrap the chest well, neither front, or press on the side or throw wrinkles.

Triangle Bras look good only up to a B-Cup. Perfect, they are women with an A-Cup. They are unfavorable for women with C Cup. They prefer access to Underwire bras.

Show courage to the cleavage!