New TV Show is Looking for You?

Good day, ladies!

For a new TV program in which it will go to our corners and more, we looking for a woman who has difficulty finding their size something suitable.

This is not a call to a casting, as you read here can do it otherwise. NOT The application addresses the many plus-size model of MedicineLearners, but to ordinary women, with real difficulties, clothe yourself and the desire to have a small rotation.
The rotation is maximum take two days and take place in mid / end of May in Hamburg,

There is no age limit and it goes from clothing 44/46 los.

If you want to, like to send with a photo.

Write a few lines about yourself and where the shoe pinches on:

Someone is coming from the production company to get credits. Do not worry, everything mega nice people.

It seeks not RTLII but the public service, so no crap and everything was clean. I myself will be also spend a day there and stand together with you on camera. The more I have an interest in, that you can have tons of fun with you. A loose woman who does everything looks grim and, just as I, at Zara only found bags.

Due to the great response we have a deadline set for your application: Wednesday, 05.07. 12:00

Click the thumb and am curious!