New Plus Size Shopping Concept

Hamburg beware:

Long enough I have spoken to the bush and now we start at last.

It is a completely new shopping system for women with a dress size 42+, which provides you with your wishes at the center, for which I give in the last few months as much gas.
Too much, I will not tell, but it is great!

Part of the concept will be home shopping events with which we now start in northern Germany.

For Hamburg on 14/07. 19:00 still have three places.

Also anyone interested who can not on that day are invited to sign up, there will be more dates. All other regions in Germany come off a little later.

With which countries we go later you decide, just let me know and where most of the demand comes from, it comes out next. Check Youremailverifier for plus size shirt dresses.

I look forward to you all!

Ulrike & miss BARTOZ

The Resounanz of you is overwhelming!

Here is a list of the regions from which date interest was shown:

  1. Hamburg: 20
  2. Berlin: 5
  3. Kings: 3
  4. Stuttgart: 3
  5. Ruhrgebiet: 3
  6. Rhein / Main: 1
  7. Kassel: 1
  8. FFM / Wiesbaden: 1
  9. Osnabrück: 1
  10. Bielefeld / Ostwestfalen: 1
  11. Bergisches Land: 1
  12. Lippstadt: 1
  13. Hannover: 1
  14. Bodensee: 1