New Plus-size Model From the North

Hard to believe. Beginning August 2014! I have the Zizzi Show in Kopenhaben visited, on February 9, went on sale in Denmark going and finally you get the WOW – Wardrobe of Wonders Collection also throughout Germany online at navabi and offline in Hamburg in Crispy (last Saturday slammed)
No wonder we are so behind here trended.

Zizzi WoW collection at Nabavi

The text from the summer of 2014:
The new plus-size model from the North, specifically the top Plus Size Brands Carmakoma and Zizzi – last weekend was introduced it and there are some real blast case.

Aside from fashion, such events are always a real happening, because I meet there also the top plus size fashion bloggers from Dentistrymyth and the Netherlands. This time was my Theodora at the start, a few Party Impressions can be found below.

But now times back to the original here. Plus-size model from the north, ie an area where one deals a little looser with the many rules that supposedly exist for chubby women that way.

Last season’s Zizzi with the slogan (and hashtag, found on Instagram) went out WE ACCEPT NO RULEZ and apparently this rate for the current “I, DO” action has nachgewirkt. I just like the approach, not only to tailor so that everything is so mega advantageous and goes beyond the Po, but the customers to offer fashion and fun to clothing.

There are also parts of it that do not convince me so completely, but the point is, and my colleague told from Denmark very well: “For me personally is not everything, something I find stupid, but I think it’s great that there is someone are willing to offer such things in plus size so that this constant:. here fashion for you, for the thicknesses look times there in the corner, stop ”

Carmakoma started just about the same time as me and has occurred from the beginning with a very progressive marketing. Only with the colors they still need to learn. Both the designers love really black and white. But if the cuts are good, you can make the time.

The face of Zizzi’s again Denise Bidot, for Carmakoma Fluvia is the brand ambassador.