New Plus Size Label

Day the ladies.

Those who have already bought from Dorothy Perkins, is now perhaps wondering. New this label is not natural. What is new is the plus-size label “Dorothy Curve”. During visits to London I had each time to bite the clothes rack, when I saw the clothes, which stopped at a size 18th the shop is closed Meanwhile, on Oxford Street, and I was quite surprised when I saw today the Curve collection.

The brand remains true to himself and offers mainly clothes in large sizes. There is also a selection of pants, everything else is not now sown so lush. Therefore, I have “brought” you only three dresses and you look you best times to himself.

Who has problems with the sizes, not despair miss BARTOZ ask. Here is the size calculator. Look past worthwhile if only because it almost always gives discounts and some of the clothes are really cute.

The shipping flat rate of 6 euros, which many assume. From 75 €, shipping is free, return Sendunge in any case.

My experience with DP: I myself am with 178 cm often a bit too long for the collection. For me, rather the designers from Scandinavia or France or even Germany well.

Another tip for last: then join with a Freudnin together, the clothes are quite favorable, together you come quickly to 75 euros and then you can simply times try out a few things. Have fun and sign up times with experience. That’s always interesting for all.

You can reach plus size jeans in Germany which is also available by .

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