New Plus Size Brand LU

New Plus Size Brand LU

LU is the acronym for Live Unlimited, the label comes from UK. The motto I find ever good. We had seen a few pieces to the fashion show in London and then but somehow forgotten because so much else was.

Evans has the brand, “possession” as already with Scarlett & Jo and sells some pieces in Germany and so now get pictures from London with added.
The model, which stands for LU, is actually the same as for Violetta, Robyn Lawley. Somehow because each has a run time in the plus-size model ūüėČ Denise Bidot so you can see the time and everywhere at the international Plus Size brands listed on Recipesinthebox.

Who is smart, keeps clicking before she ordered what, in the sales area is still running and behold, to May 2, 2014, a 20% Sale, who also live Unlimited covers.

LU is definitely time for a couple of unusual colors like lemon yellow and a lot of things are also closely cut. Some you already know anyway, otherwise implemented refined. Overall, a collection that works quite well as complement. I like that. In London I found the selection of the pieces shown well that way. But what is especially pushed me, were the musty Models. There is a difference between looking cool and draw a face who has not mastered the, should rather smile. But maybe that includes just like that.

‚ô• Here you come directly to the selection of LU

Overall, I personally will probably not strike so much, because this is not so are my colors. The Biker Sweater I find quite good, but again black? Hm, it is but now summer, let’s see. The grays combine well and are also in vogue. It is so slow on the Plus Size market.