Network Finds in August

Plus-size model and panda bears, does this fit? Actually, actually I wanted to gather and my favorite network finds here and then came back this and that and so, was August. Therefore, I call the time now and so and hope to deliver similar in September. At the same time know those of you who follow me on my social media channels anyway, that it beautiful, curious, critical, funny and fashionable are daily from me. But there’s now not any.

Gesabbelt enough here like go:

Summer is coming again briefly again, the boots can already cleaned, but must not be worn anywhere. Greetings in this regard to Switzerland (I have to tell you how it was there also) there is already cool, at least in Bern.

But we can still sometimes drop their pants!

Exactly my humor, found on Twitter, so often divided, that the source can no longer locate. Who in the long interview has rummaged about me knows that I never go without mascara out. Now you know why!

Now it is but going…. Pumuckl had slimming! No kidding, the new version of the Little Red Leprechaun has lost his paunch. Drinking beer and having a break and lunch is no longer. Found on sueddeutsche. delink takes you the whole story and why Bee Maja now a 36 carries.

Other countries other manners. A few weeks ago I got the wonderful Instagram account Advanced Style imagine you because some Japanese / inside were there. However, in a completely different style. I have since probably go there. Who also likes to watch the bigger picture, this is a product of Tokyo Fashion and that’s down here of: Harajuku Decora Fashion Walk .

Slowly it is so in about: Mutti told the war. Jada (this lady below) Gloria and other ladies from the plus-size model business, I have a few years ago in London saw the first time and some was immediately clear: that is what. Who wants to see more, have a look on our youtube channel past because all shows of Plus Size Events in London are available.
If you want to have an interest in plus-size model and like to also equal to the Instagram account of international offspring: a current international plus-size model,

While we’re at plus-size model. Ashley Graham (of which we can expect this year in Germany a hot lingerie collection) has, in the spirit of the miss BARTOZ I DO so made DAS Action times her thoughts about what you can wear as a curvy woman and how. You already guessed it: