Navy Blue Form-Fitting Dress in Organic Cotton

Simple and classic Navy Blue Juna rose dress.

Navy Blue Dress

Navy Blue Form-Fitting Dress in Organic Cotton
The dress is made a really nice and fairly strong organic cotton quality with stretch.

The dress has a really nice cut. It is form-fitting with incisions at the bust. A beautiful heart shaped neckline and good half-long sleeves, according to hoticle.

Here is a dress you can use for both everyday and festive-and dresse up or down depending on the mood and occasion.

Black Dress In Beautiful Weaving With Beautiful Sleeves
A really good and classic black Juna rose dress with a beautifully woven pattern.

The average of a just great. It is actually straight up and down and quite spacious. But because the sleeves go out in a with for-and the back panel decreases the really neat on the sides, rather like bat sleeves-and that gives the dress a super nice shape. Check it out here.

In the armhole is there a rubber band, which gives a really nice finish on the sleeve.

The neckline is boat-shaped and relatively wide. In the neck, there is a nice open detail.

A great useful dress that is both comfortable and presentable. Use it both for everyday and party, depending on the style and mood.