My Style In 5 Pieces

“I have a little challenge for you, and it’s harder than it might sound: 
Post 5 pieces from your wardrobe that define your style. “
“Ich habe eine kleine Herrausforderung fur euch, und sie ist härter, als man denken konnte:

Poste 5 Teile Aus Deinem Kleiderschrank, Die Deinen Style Definieren.”

Beth from Pretty in Plus

I enjoyed reading Beth Post about her 5 keypieces, so I wanted to try it out myself.

First let my tell you somethings about me. When I stand in front of my wardrobe I often have this little conflict going on. There is just to much I wanne be. I wanne be the hardrock babe, the seductiv 60ties Lady, the very cool and lookbook like hipster-kid, paired with thee sweetness of a japanese lolitagirl and the glamour of a late 50ties hollywood star. Not easy but kind of achivable with some kind of keypieces that give ME the feeling of all of this.

Ich habe Beth Post gerne gelesen und daher dachte ich mir, das probiere ich auch mal.
Als erstes sollte ich vielleicht sagen, dass wenn ich vor meinem Kleiderschrank stehe, ich oft diesen kleinen Konflickt in mir austrage. Es gibt einfach zu viel, dass ich sein will. Ich will die das hardrock Bade sein, die verführerische 60er Jahre Lady, das coole Hipster-Kid von Lookbook, alles gepaart mit dem Zucker einer japanischen Lolita und dem Glamour eines 50er Jahre Hollywoodsternchens.

Black Leggings / Black Leggings

Thats the point I share with you Beth. Even if some people try to kill the leggings trend, since I discovored them for me I wont let them go again, there are just the masterpiece of fashion. You can really wear them in any kid of way from super classicly dressed over just chilling on sunday to hipster rock n’ roll. They are always more comfy than a pair of tights and so give me more warmth in autumn and winter. Black leggings I love you and I always will.

This is the point I share clearly with Beth. Even if some people Leggingtrend, is clear on the ice for me, I’ll try the black leggings being let go. Because they are something like the masterpiece of fashion. You can simply wear them with everything from classic chic on Sunday rumlümmeln up to hip rock n’ roll. They are just getting more comfortable than pantyhose and keep much better warm winter. I love black leggings and will do whatever.

  1. My Black Beth Ditto Biker Jacket/ My Black Beth Ditto Biker Jacket

I think we are a good couple. Thats obviosly doesn’t the piece that always gives me the punk rock feeling even if that is just the case because of the whole in my right sleeve. I think I said often enough how I like it over girly dresses, black dresses, knitted things and actually any child of thing in my wardrobe.

We are already a great pair. It’s probably obvious that the jacket makes me feel the certain punk rock, it’s only because the winder hole in the right arm. But I have said often enough how much I like that you can attract them to do anything, unless a girlish dress, some knitted or otherwise so ago what the wardrobe.

  1. Tote Bags/ Fabric Bags (Or Even Jute Bags ^^)

Guess what? The hipster thing. Nothing is as cool as a good totebag. I own a black one I made myself, a grey one from H & M “Fashion against Aids” which says and since last week the evans Beth Ditto one. I aways carry arround lots of things with me, so what I like about them is that they don’t look that big, but actually have room for lots of things.

Well guess? The hipster thing. Nothing is cooler than a cloth bag. I have a homemade black, one gray of Evans with Beth Ditto on it from H & M with the inscription “fashion aginst AIDS” and since last week. Because I carry around with me always endless stuff, the bags are great, they look small and have plenty of space inside.

  1. Hair Things / Hair Stuff

They are not really from my wardrobe, but I mostly of have one child of cute thing in my hair. I love bows and flowers and tull things. They can be colorful or glittery or black. They are cute this little extra that gives me a little bit of a “OMG look at me, and my bow, just look how cuuuuuuuute we are * _ *!” feeling. Are not although from my closet, but I almost always some a sweet thing in my hair. I love things grinding and tulle. In stained or glitter or black. Hair stuff this little icing on the cake, are simply the me this “OMG but I and my loop look how süüüüüüüß we’re together * _ *!” Feeling is.

  1. Scarves

My favourite at the moment is my selfmade grey circle scarf. But I so like very colorful ones, I just bought a flowery one, with some leopard in the middle. I like how a scarf makes me feel cosy and protected from the cold and from bad mood. It just gives a special child of comfort. And of cause it is a great way to brighten up boring outfits or just give interessting pop of color to some plain colors.

My Lieblingsschal the time is my homemade circle scarf. But actually I have lots of shawls and scarves in colorful and solid, with flowers or Leopard print. I just, like me like a scarf protects and gives me a pleasant, eingemummeltes feeling. As a specific kind of protection. And of course values a scarf easily a monotonous outfit on.