Model Plus Size Posts Photos Of Lingerie And Encourages Women To Love Each Other

How many times have you stopped wearing a garment because you thought your silhouette was too full? And how many times have you felt insecure to go to the beach or pool, thinking you have no right to wear a bikini?

Unfortunately, most women feel very ashamed of their own body because they do not think it matches the ideal of today’s beauty and end up having fun or even spending a fortune looking for weight-loss treatments.

This situation was no different for Jasmine Grimes, a 24-year-old Californian blogger who works as a plus size model . Black and obese, she also tried to hide her body, wanting him to take up less space.

Now, however, Jasmine has overcome insecurity and, through her Instagram profile, replete with photos of her wearing only lingerie, the blogger encourages other women to love their bodies.

Gonna Have Fat Selfie Of Lingerie Yes

Following her own experience, Jasmine argues that seeing pictures of fat women in lingerie helps other women with the same body type to accept themselves. “I used to rummage through the Instagram behind pictures of women with the same biotype as mine displaying their bodies,” said the blogger, saying that this encouraged her to do the same.

“It allowed me to see people with stretch marks, cellulites and” tires “and say, ‘I’m like that too,'” said Jasmine, stressing the importance of being able to recognize herself in other women’s photos.

Like almost everything on the internet, the photos of Jasmine caused controversy, and she received many comments that accused her of being wanting attention. “I do not agree with this.Women put lingerie selfies to celebrate their bodies and inspire other women to try and be as brave as they are, “she said.

Despite this, several followers demonstrate their gratitude to Jasmine’s selfies. “Seeing other bodies like mine and completely different ones really helped me accept my own body,” commented one of Jasmine’s fans.

In her posts, the blogger proudly displays her silhouette, stretch marks and cellulite accompanied by messages of self-esteem that encourage women to accept themselves. Check it:

1. “Silence These Negative Thoughts In Your Head. I Know It’s Hard. I Know It Hurts, But They’re Wrong About You. “

2. “Stop Hating Yourself And Accept Your Perfect Imperfections.”

3. “Remember That Taking Care Of Yourself Is Extremely Important And That It’s Okay If You Take Time Out For Yourself.”

4. “Let The Alarms Sound! There’s A Plus Size Woman Who Loves Her Body The Way It Is! See How Your Stretch Marks, Thick Thighs And Not Flattened Belly Are Being Exposed To The World! How Radical! Hahaha, Joking. “

5. “My Goal Is To Be The Representation That I Never Had And Always Needed. There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Who You Are. Remember This.”

6. “Loving Your Body Means Having Good And Bad Days With It. Do Not Think You Are Doing Wrong If In A Few Days You Look In The Mirror And Sigh. It’s Normal.”

7. “There Is Nothing Wrong With The Skin You Inhabit.”

Certainly, finding references to your body type in the media and on the internet is a good way to self-acceptance. After all, how do you believe you are “normal” if you do not see anyone else with your body type doing success, do you?

Like Jasmine, there are other bloggers who take pride in their bodies and lavish style. So get more inspiration, love, respect and be happy!