Miss Curvy Nevada 2016 Winner

Put a Sunday evening of November in a romantic Saffarone Castle in Turin. Put a dozen gorgeous girls curvy. Put Cristina Giuccioli, a designer and wedding plannerin love of women with the shape and able to realize for their dream gowns for the happiest day of their lives. All crowns with the election of Miss Curvyssime in Turin, with the choice of a model, Jeanne d’orazio for 2016 will join Hillary Maddox, already face of the brand, and who won a wedding dress. Curvy, obviously.

We start all over again, though.
Me and Cristina Giuccioli solar we’ve known before by phone, when I interview a few months ago, because interested in its history and its competition. I write an article and we greet each other with a promise to see us then, randomness, we meet a few weeks later in Frascati, on the occasion of the event for curvy brides Curvy at the fair, organized by Elizabeth van Brummelen, where Cristina asks me to help her with the casting of the second battery of wannabe miss. How to refuse? We greet each other again with a promise to see us ‘ in his house ‘, when it is with great pleasure that I am invited not only to the jury that will elect Miss Curvyssime in Turin, but also to deliver to one of the candidates a band Miss Just Curvy.

On 27 November arrival after a long train journey and with Elizabeth van Brummelen, my partner in this adventure, which joins me at the station, we move to the metro where we wait for Frederick, one of the great and valuable ‘ invisible helpers ‘ of the Organization of the event, to take us to the Castle.

The atmosphere is cool, but there is one beautiful sunshine; the castle is a whole trepidio of voices and chores. We expect the welcoming smile of Cristina Giuccioli and curvy model and friend Hillary Maddox, a quick lunch, then the change of dress, so in hair and makeup, I am going to breathe some air of backstage.

The girls are anxious, tense, but smiling. Among them I don’t see competition, but just a nice feeling, to a United team, where the Miss will really the winner of all. Follow genuine hugs, personal stories, stories of how hard you are arriving at this goal, looks happy and excited, “how beautiful you are” (by heart). And then comes the moment of the parade.

I settle down at the table of the jury, too, feel the weight of my presence, and I know that for some of the girls might be a good time to make an impact on emotional, motivational, but also in their lives. I consult with the other members of the Commission: Barbara Christmann, personal shopper, blogger and creator of the Beautifulcurvy calendar; Aki Saito, fitness coach and creator of the #InFormaConLeForme project; Tabitha, Wellness & Water business owner and sponsor of the event. Also they will elect their miss. To complete the table, along with Cristina Giuccioli, there’s also Sabrina Bambi Antonetti, ironic and funny, singer and showgirl curvy, Daryl ball and Barge.

To win the Miss Curvyssime 2016 was Jeanne D’orazio, who would take home not only a beautiful wedding dress, but also a photo shoot, along with Hillary Maddox, for the new Curvyssime catalogue.

The Miss Beautifulcurvy went to Tamara Monti, radiant, frizzantissima and curvyssima blonde pin-up burlesque performers, among others.

My first Miss Simply Curvy was Santa Panagiotidis: the reasons that led me to choose it are already quoted in the article dedicated to her.

The Miss InForma ConLeForme went to Claudia Colucci.

For Miss Water & Wellbeing was instead awarded Diana De Bernardo.

Thank you for the beautiful Cristina Giuccioli experience, which I hope to meet many more times in the path of the curvy world. A huge hug goes to Elizabeth van Brummelen, and to all the girls who participated, without exception, even to those who could not be present for a number of reasons, but particularly in Santa Panagiotidis, Alessia Tala and Vanessa Strampella.

I conclude by leaving you with some pictures.