Miguel Palacio Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Excessive Sobriety

It is always an honor to write about Miguel Palacio. I identify completely with the style of the creator from Bilbao, maybe why I like both. On the catwalk, we have seen two lines: the collection for Hoss Intropia, In addition to call them red carpet, much more sophisticated prom dresses.

Miguel Palacio bet on the silhouettes of long dresses and many of pants, with very marked waists belted maxi buckles of ways animal or geometric in great part of the collection.

Black and white

The outputs in black & white with Golden details have marked much of the parade.

Marked shoulders

True to their style can see very clean silhouettes proposals of marked shoulders. Plus size dresses can not miss the monkeys, one of their favorite items, which are carved in guipure.

Practically There are no prints, only this chiffon blouse, but what if there are fabrics with relief and finishes that create details.

In particular, I really like the carved wool guipure, all stamped and colored stones or with Mini-multicolored sequins. Very original models.

Party line

The dominant colors are the Green, blue klein, red, ivory and black, along with the Golden details and accessories. The Prom dresses they are long and too simple, at this point if expected me more. In spite of everything thought me a flawless though too sober sample.