Men’s Plus Size Overalls : Why Not?!?

Hi, my loves! I was already missing to post to you. Today has a POLYMIC day look with men’s overalls , to prove it works for plus size, yes!

A mechanical style jumpsuit is one of the most controversial pieces because, according to these crazy “rules” of fashion, would only have good trim for thin and tall men. Even when I had the idea to use it, I had to hear a lot of comments about how I would be “chubby” or that, because of my height of 1.65m, I would be “flat”.

To begin with, the thinking is already wrong. The one- piece and one-piece pieces only tend to lengthen, since the continuous color does not divide the body anywhere and it ends up looking longer. Not that we need to look like anything else , of course we do not have to look taller or thinner or anything else, okay?!?

My great trick for making this men’s jumpsuit even more perfect on my body was to put a strip of the same fabric as the overall to be all of the same pattern , but you can opt for belts in different thicknesses and shades.

Plus size male overalls

Anyway, I want to show that our body allows us to wear whatever we want , and this masculine overalls without a doubt was one of my pieces of desire!

Nice to use in this season, neither cold nor hot, the long sleeves will be useful for cold mornings and when you warm up, you only have to double the season.


Tip # 1: TRAVEL

People traveled 6 hours in this masculine overalls and undoubtedly he is super comfortable.He’s stylish and makes you even dressed up with a simple t-shirt and a jacket.Moreover it is practical if you go on a trip with little clothing, but want to be well dressed on different occasions.If the overalls do not have sleeves, you can still vary the shirt underneath.


If you have an event where you need to be more fashionable and trendy, why not a men’s overall?In the case of my overalls, being a darker jeans, I would wear a light blazer to give that highlight, but the blazer guarantees the elegant and more formal touch.On the feet, the folded bar helps stretch the legs and gives even more air fashion, combine with vintage Oxford, for example.

Tip # 3: RIDE

This comfortable shoe is perfect for going to the movies, dining with the boy / girl, happy hours, outings in general and even for work (if you do not have uniforms in your company or you do not have to be very formal).It will never be too much and it will never be too much, it is the piece in the measure between the discreet and the fashionista.


Mine is from the Cherry Pop studio , where you order custom pieces and already have a plus size table. I already used another look from there, in this post HERE.

So that’s it, we can use everything and I am proof of that. Do you have any questions? Leave in the comments what you found , I hope you liked it, I really wanted to share this look with you. Oh my love I also have a channel on YouTube and on the page It is Plus size by Júlio Fernandez accompany me there too.

One kiss and the next my dear ones.