Meet The Navabi Models

They are the superstars of the plus-size model scene. For navabi, they are regularly on camera-and for The Style Curve, they were talking to us.Learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about Clementine, Ashley, Candice, Philomena, Laura, Danielle and Aglae.

It has been an exciting year for the fashion industry. Plus-size models appeared among other things for the first time in the Swimsuit edition of the Sports Illustrated and the Pirelli calendar. These models are curvy, gorgeous… and change the face of fashion. Get to know the seven women who are just taking the next big step to change the beauty side of the fashion industry.

Clementine Desseaux

Dress size:  Bottom 46, above 44
Measurements: 105-85-115 cm
Hometown: I am from South France, but now live in New York.
Favorite song:  Either a girl song from the 90s or a soulful jazz number.
My morning motivation: Of course the breakfast!Coffee is so seductive…

Success is happiness. There can be no success if you are not really happy.

My biggest dream: to be a princess and to live happily, to my life.
Have you ever given up something? Singing was my first passion. But then I realized that I was the only one who loved to sing me…
Something that I’ve discouraged all: almost every decision I’ve ever made… so far, I do not regret anything!
My message to curvy women: Be healthy, show it to them and love them all. My mother always said, love yourself and life will fall behind you. True words.
My vision of the future of fashion: versatility. Fun.Accessibility. All that she is not yet.

Decide to live a life full of challenges and risks and never look back. Although security sometimes sounds tempting-it is not good enough.

Ashley Graham

Dress size: 44
Measurements: 97-76-116 cm
Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Favorite meal : Macaroni with cheese
Favorite member: Bill Withers-Use me

Even as a child, my parents have never allowed me to give up something I believe in. This mentality I have always maintained.

My biggest dream: to moderate your own television show.
How would you define “success”? Having the opportunity to touch many lives with your career.
My biggest challenge: when I had to choose a new model agency after leaving my old agency after 10 years.
My vision of the future of fashion: My vision is to have an exclusive Ashley Graham fashion label and every chic, fashionable woman owns at least a portion of it.

Love the skin you are in. There is no reason to strive for perfection, because perfection does not exist. Do not compare with others. Be content with yourself, just as you are.

Philomena Kwao

Dress size: 44-46
Measurements: 97- 81-117 cm
Hometown: Deptford, London, UK
Favorite meal : Banku and Okra Stew (a ghana dish)
Favorite song: Everything from Beyoncé and African music

I do not believe in giving up, but I let things take their course.

My motivation in the morning: The sun that shines through my window.
My greatest dream: to have led a life where I had a positive influence on people’s lives.
How would you define “success”? To feel really happy and satisfied with yourself.
My biggest challenge:  To move to New York
Something that all of you have advised me against: Shaving my hair!
My vision of the future of fashion: an open-minded industry where differences are celebrated instead of making them worse.

There is no one on this planet who looks like you or the same features, so celebrate them and do not talk badly. I am a great advocate of the extraordinary and I believe every human being is inspirational because we are all different. Self-awareness comes from the understanding that you only have this one body and only one life to make the best of it.

Candice Huffine

Dress-up: 42
Measurements: 97-84-112 cm
Hometown: Bowie, Maryland, USA
Favorite Food : Mexican
Favorite song: Now “Shut up and dance with me” by Walk the Moon.

Whenever someone told me that I should not do something, then I did not really belong … I always follow my heart.

How would you define “success”? Be happy. All success in life comes ultimately from happiness.
Have you ever given up something? Yes, diets, many years ago.
My message to curvy women:  Work hard on the relationship you have to yourself, it is really the most important and most fulfilling. Live every moment, love every inch of your body and do not hide it from the world – for you make it a better place.
My vision of the future of fashion:  campaigns, advertising and catwalks will show women in all sorts of dresses and plus-size fashion will continue to be successful and give us more and more opportunities to clothe ourselves as we feel.

I like to see challenges as motivation, to fight and to work harder to master them. I’m sure you could have seen it as a challenge to start a career in the fashion industry without having the traditional dimensions. But I always knew that I could, according to my ideas. I am very proud of everything I have done!

Laura Catterall

Dress size: 42-44
Measurements: 86-74-109 cm
Hometown: Bolton, UK
Favorite meal : Dark chocolate
My motivation in the morning: the idea that everything can happen.

Do not define yourself because of your dress size. Dress yourself to show your personality and to give yourself the self-confidence you need to achieve everything you want.

My biggest dream: to live a life that I am proud of, surrounded by the people I love and admire.
How would you define “success”? I would say success is to be happy.
Have you ever given up something? Yes, when I was five years old, I wanted to be a jockey – unfortunately, I had to give up the dream a few growth spurts later.
My biggest challenge: to finish my dissertation while lesting on lanzarote (without Internet or technical books). After a volcanic eruption on Iceland all flights had been canceled.

I think the fashion industry will continue to develop as far as diversity of sizes is concerned.I believe and hope that fashion will be even more open to shapes, sizes, age and origin.

Danielle Van Grondelle

Dress size: 42-44
Measurements: 98-76-111 cm
Hometown: Rotterdam, the Netherlands are my home. But I moved to New York three years ago.
Favorite food: Surinamese food from my grandmother.
Favorite song: “Beautiful Skin” by Goodie Mob and “Renee” by the Lost Boyz.

Be a healthy version of yourself. If that is curvy, then that is wonderful. And if that is slim, then that is just as beautiful. But to starve, to be someone who is not – that is not nice.

My biggest challenge: the move to New York, away from family and friends. They are the most important thing in my life. But now I know that one grows as a human being when one moves out of its comfort zone.
My vision of the future of fashion:  I hope that in the future all brands will produce bigger sizes, because curvy women want to look just as stylish as slimmer women. Fashion will always change and I will continue to enjoy it every day.

I always have big dreams, at professional level I would like to be the best plus size model I can be. And later I would like my own collection, because I studied Modedesign at the Royal Academy of Art. In my private life, I want to be happy and healthy, surrounded by my loved ones who are also happy and healthy.

Aglae Dreyer

Dress size: 44
Measurements: 106-84-112 cm
Hometown: Brussels
Favorite song:  “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles. I love it since I was five years old and I first heard about it in the truck from my Uncle Bill in Missouri.

Love your body! Curves are wonderful and beautiful!

My biggest dream: continue to be so happy. To live in London with the man I love, surrounded by my wonderful friends and family, continue to make this job I absolutely love, inspire others, lead the life they want, and themselves To love and accept. (And maybe a Vogue cover;))
Have you ever given up something? Yes, the criticism of myself. Now I am concerned only with loving myself and accepting myself.
My biggest challenge: To learn to love my body the way it is… And to realize that this figure is also super sexy!

I wish that it is normal to see women with different dress sizes on the catwalks, in modestrecken and beauty campaigns. It is obvious that beauty exists in all forms and sizes, I do not understand why this is still a topic and why we do not see curvy women in the media anymore – not because they have a certain dress size, but because they are beautiful. Come on, your Modedesigner! Beauty is everywhere, and a plus-size model can show fashion just as beautifully as other models. It’s time for a change to an open-minded fashion industry, away from the narrow-minded beauty ideals!