Maite Kelly Designed Clothing in Large Sizes

Most people know probably Maite Kelly as a soulful singer of the once successful band ‘The Kelly Family’. Today she is confident power woman, wife, MOM of 2 children (and pregnant again) and now fashion role model for women with curves.

Plus Size Clothing

Maite designed large size clothing

The clothing in large sizes by Maite is anything but boring. As they do, also use their plus size radiates collection much vitality, passion and cordiality.

Trendy plus size clothing

Plus size dresses, skirts, tops, pants, sweaters, shirt jackets or sweater – the parts are colorful, fashionable, young and casual, just as a woman with female figure (and also pads) to feel really pretty.

Are you anyway? The fashion of Maite Kelly somehow joy, it has curved lines, exotic patterns, attractive details and particularly colorful, summery colours. Maite has probably also a fable for retro looks, because the style is also in the trendy plus size collections of Hoticle.

Plus size fashion

The new spring / summer clothing in large sizes by Maite on April 10 while the Maite Kelly fashion show in Hamburg presented. Get here at Bon Prix a picture, if your the collection is so great.

Watch here the exciting videos (preparations, the making of and the fashion show itself) to the clothing in large sizes by Maite Kelly and Bon Prix:

The plus size fashion by Maite Kelly arrives, she is authentic, the designer taking off, that it is for each individual part and would wear it myself.

Maite Kelly says: “Be yourself, love yourself and love everybody out.”