Maite Kelly 2014:Maites World Tour

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Plus Size Fashion by singer Maite Kelly

Maite Kelly 2014:First of all, the best thing about this collection is that it goes from size 36 to size 56. That’s exactly where Maite and I were, in our conversation, last summer agreed: this delimitation, no matter which side, must stop. Our views were expressed in their quotation:”WE ARE JUST WOMEN”.

Thematic Kelly Collection is the theme of this year ‘s world tour. I’ve just put together my favorite parts. Tonight, pictures of the show will be added. I’m curious how the stuff is live. This one I like really well.
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Chinakleid:nice cut, I like this collar and have it also with smaller flowers.

Pants because they create a nice line.

Wrap dresses, since I do not think I have much to say.Let’s see how the right is in the color live.So it is a bit too light yellow.

Black/white:all these parts cover the trend, I also like these print patterns.

All these parts cover the current Sportivtrend very nicely and a bit legerer would also me times quite well.

If you want to know how this is with the length, here you can see how big Maite is, I am 178 cm long.Therefore, I still consider whether the Chinakleid is so mine, should already go over the knee with me.

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