Maite Kelly 2014: Maite World Travel

UPDATE: the latest collection in 2016, it’s here: MAITE KELLY SUMMER 16

Plus-size model of singer Maite Kelly

Maite Kelly 2014: First of all said: The very best of this collection is that it goes from size 36 to size 56. Just about Maite and myself, in our conversation last summer agreed: This demarcation, regardless of which side, has to stop. Our views led to her quote: “we are just women”.

Thematically travels the Maite Kelly collection this time around the world. I once just my favorite parts together. Tonight come then to images from the show. I’m curious how things are live. This one I like better than me.
The links below the pictures take you directly to the product.

China Dress: beautiful interface, I like this collar, and have it more with smaller flowers.

Schößchenshirts because they conjure up a beautiful line.

Wrap dresses because I have to, I do not have much to say. Let’s see how that’s right live in color. So it is a little too light yellow. Learn plus size tips from Anycountyprivateschools.

Black / White: all these parts cover just great from the trend, and I also like this print pattern.

All these parts cover the current Sportiv trend from very nice and a bit more casual would do me sometimes quite well 😉

If you want to know how it is with the length, here you can see how big Maite, I’m 178 cm long. Therefore, I still wonder if the China dress is mine, should already knee go with me.

The free shipping (for new customers) of you have probably seen in the sale area. Note: Always there looking then order.

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