“Love Your Curves”: Colombia Inaugurated the “Plus Size Fashion Weekend”

Bogota.-the “Plus Size Fashion Weekend” is a fashion fair in the style of the traditional gateways and presence of brands, but with an inclusive vision, it was born with the idea to promote the industry of large sizes for those eternally marked by suffering overweight in Colombia.

Love Your Curves Colombia Inaugurated the Plus Size Fashion Weekend

“Love your curves” is the motto that is behind this initiative, which was held this weekend in Bogota with the presence of 15 brands of clothing, six walkways and a day of talks, something unprecedented in Colombia. “It’s an event with much novelty because the sizes in Colombia have been somewhat Dickensian fashion because there is no options for them to buy,” explains the Director of the fair, Ana María Angulo, who did not hesitate to parade through the runways with the best of their smiles, without complexes. In these two days of fair, that exhibit the latest collections, which attempted more is instilling self-esteem to the body of each through a speech away from the tyranny of the 90-60-90 which has broken so many hopes among many young people. “That is not you, you’re going to break,” the blows to a woman overweight Anggy Díaz, 27 years old, is a plus-size model. He was born in the city of Cúcuta, border with Venezuela, but it develops its activity in Medellin, considered the Colombian capital of fashion. Many have been the “quinceaños” Karla to fulfill your highest aspiration: model and create its own brand of clothing, AnK-D, “hot pants”, name with which called on Colombia to “shorts”. The cucutena began to be overweight at age 14, a stage in which dreams are to skin flower and his was paraded, but the doors closed to demand impossible measures for its morphology. “I went into depression, I was very sad to be judged because I wanted to work like a normal person, but they told me that my image and my overweight affecting the corporate image of the company,” she recalls. Medellin was asked in a selection process where he was the model and in some stores they recommended that you not try certain garments. “The seller said to me: ‘that is not you, you’re going to break'”, detailed with precision. How to get a pants size 20-22 (54-56) was a “real challenge”, decided to create them herself in order to leave behind the contempt of an industry that makes you have to modify the body. And that is that in his tent all garments are carving out “not so they labelled it one, but to create a feeling of pride”, expressed. Parallel to his career as an entrepreneur and model, Karla also has launched an emotional laboratory, called “Perfectly natural”, which helps women and men overcome self-esteem problems related to the physical aspect. “I say that at the moment I feel very proud of regret my 105 kilos,” he says, although it has set as target down to 80 and stay as well as a plus size model. To this end, Karla showering with cold water, as did her “grandmother”, its power has “little dulcera” and least pulls out two days a week to walk the Hill of three crosses, located in Medellin. The model paraded with the security of a Miss Universe on several runways, which concentrated a wide range of styles: lingerie, bikinis, Executive suits, dresses and also wedding night, urban clothing. “Fashion is sometimes very frivolous and is only responsible for discrimination, but with these movements of large sizes, what we do is that people realize that there is another kind of beauty,” said Jolie Benítez, one of the designers who taught their products on this runway.