Looking Back on 2014

Somehow it itches a yes but in the fingers when one reads the whole year reviews. At the same time I have with my “little” birthday speech already enough gespochen about the happy hours the success and the good time I been with my magazine blog had that.

I am therefore somewhat approached differently. So retrieved the phone and looked at the pictures of last year. Meanwhile it is a collection of pictures already almost like a diary, even if the text and the reflection is missing.

Given me then fell completely different categories, the experiences and encounters were suddenly there again, and they are, my highlights 2014:

1. Best Style:

The style that has impressed me the most lasting is the Twiggy outfit by my colleague Ela and her blog: The fatshion Cafe Conquore.

I’ve been meaning a style of Twiggy transpose, especially as the whole Sixties trend emerged again. But really what is found, or simply clamped me times behind, I did not.

Then Ela came and I thought ok baby, DAS will you not top and also you do not have such a dress and with 1,80 body length which may not look half as good as her.

Just with a few tricks, cut the boots and of course the eye makeup, was what the Sixties have spotted and their icon Twiggy among others had just hit. Under the treffendem Title: “Twiggy’s fat sister” went the post in late August live and I love it still.

2. Best Beauty

Throughout the year, I see great things in beauty bloggers and try sometimes to make to it. . Usually with three questions until I get it then
Meanwhile I, in collaboration with professional Thorsten Joffroy, designed by a small beauty series entitled “before – after” begun which continues 2015. In those events, I am still learning a lot and there are now a number of helpers, as decent brush and sponge, in my dresser. Den I have gained me this year. And my best Beauty in 2014, making it equal to a whole table!

It stands right by the window, so I get sunlight. Now in winter I have a lamp, so perfectly is not yet, but it is anyway always dark ūüėČ
I a plain ive design chosen and it is designed so that I can use it as a small sideboard or mini desk, if I reorganized that with the makeup again.
however, these, it is unlikely. This morning ritual I do not want to miss now.

3. Best Outside Party

A review in 2014 can not be done without the wild celebrations, enumerate rushing summer parties and countless meetings in June / June. Oh, it was about football and that’s what happened:

These great football party was, at least embedded in Hamburg, in a wonderful summer. I know in other parts of Germany it was often not as bombastic with the weather, but hey we were now just too time off.

Every day I tried to leave early and discovered lakes, ancient Baths rediscovered and sometimes I’m also jetted to the sea.

3.a: The summer of 2014

4. Best Kurztripp

In addition to Berlin, Copenhagen and NY, we also regularly visit the London – Fashion Week. Sure, because I drive professionally out every now and then you read something about it, often I write from there but also for others.

What this Tripps especially make the whole around. This time it finally went to London in the Tate modern, a museum, where I mainly the construction was interested and a yummy Food Market gift to discover it. You can ever be curious 2015 Patty has concocted a new track. With a lot of fashion, the new store of simply be on Oxford Street and plenty of English lifestyle. Hopefully it does not raining another four days by going…

click to enlarge: . 5 Best Inspiration 2014: the ME DO THE SERIES

An editorial, which was divided hundredfold and a number for which I still get fan mail from all over today. Who would have thought that stripes to wear still some taboo was? Glad we cleared times this summer with it. And I was able to enjoy the great days armfrei and have been for not displayed.

For a continuation of reminds me of another one the subject of belts. If you afflict taboos, just tell me! The new year has a lot of space.

What remains? Much Beautiful, good encounters with subtle, profound, great people. The 2014 was special for me and my business. There was a lot of success, but there were also a lot of work. My priority 1 in the new year is vacation planning and work to be better divided. And who do I take with the luggage? Well you!

So is good clean, not so much Böllert (who has set out to do in 2015 for other something money can equal time to donate) and have a good start to a new, wonderful year.

Here are my year-end ritual: every New Years I write on a piece of paper, which I do not want to take into the new year. People, characteristics, lifestyles, things, anything that comes to mind and I do not want to have them around. Then I light the paper and everything remains in the last year. The new can begin very clean.

This year the list is actually almost empty. It was probably a good year.