Long Cardigans

Long cardigans are the top trend this fall. In the summer they have already announced and I knew that is my jacket. She is now even set down. You’ll find them here: LIGHT SUMMER LONG CARDIGAN

Meanwhile, there are they in many colors and oversized women standing long cardigans well. I know, because I myself am a ūüėČ When knitting I’m not the one “here” screams as the first. Much carries on and I feel puggy, with the new cardigans that is different. I wear the also not like a second skin, but is open then it falls back nicely and resonates.

This Strickmantel there again in our assortment. You can find it here: LONG KNIT COAT But it does not always black or dark. This one is sometimes red and therefore is 100% cashmere! May I not think about it, how nice and warm and soft is the… Click to zoom.

You already guessed it, Kashmir has its price. All information and ordering options can be found here: LONG SWEATER CASHMERE No Kashmir, but a long sweater in different colors (but not only in black) and slightly more favorable than the previous one:

These and other colors can be found here: LONG CARDIGAN PLUM

At the end of another, which, like my top, even more of a shell than a sweater is. A cardigan coat – you will stumble this winter certainly more often than s concept:

So it will be nice cuddly! CARDIGAN COAT WITH POCKETS These long cardigans are true combination artist. You can combine them noble, wearing skirts as pants underneath, or even casual with jeans and boots. The length of the jacket and the open and wide falling, there are any outfit equal a certain touch.