London Update

I wanted to give a little update about ++London Blogger Meet. In one week I am waking up in London (hopefully it is a bit warmer than today!). Yesterday Lauren released some new sponsores. For example H&M Inclusive (omg excitment, H&M finally is taking care about us *_*) and (I am so happy that we have a German sponsor, cause there is a lot that could be done considering plus size fashion over here). So I’ll so some self advertising now: You can download the booklet about “++London Blogger Meet”which a map and the timetable as pdf-file just CLICK . The lovely Carla out all the content together and gave me some inspiration and than I did the design for it.

Well, of cause I am pretty excited about meetig so many lovely bloggers next weekend just like I am looking forward having lunch with some old friend who is in London for one year at the moment and also just the feeling of being in London.

I still don’t know what to wear, cause the weather is a bit unpredictable at the moment.We have sunshine here, but it is freezing cold and beyond zero. Best thing will be to pack into many layers!

I will give you a small update to the c++ type London bloggers meet. In a week I’ll wake up in London (hopefully it will be as warmer than today). Yesterday, additional sponsors announced Lauren. For example H & M inclusive (omg how exciting, H & M finally takes us right!) and even (I think it’s great that there is also a German sponsor, it is so important that in Germany finally what happens, what’s the theme plus size fashion).

So we come to a little self-promotion: as of today you can download you the booklet for the meeting. The wonderful Carla has provided the content together and give me a little inspiration and I did the design. CLICK

We you can imagine, I’m quite excited to meet so many great bloggers, but I’m me me for coffee with an old friend to meet, which spent a year in London, as well as to be simple on the feeling in London!

However I still do not know what I should pack. The weather is very unpredictable.Totally cold but sunny, so I will put me well in many layers!