London Curvy Street Styles

For two years already, I travel regularly to London and see me there the Plus Size scene, meet designers, visit shows, flirt with the cute English and premises regularly at least one, Boots’ store empty.

Here the ladies, I was able to scan 2014:

Hammer stylings I always see in London and indeed in any size and in men as in women. Plus Size in London is a styling hard with women who present themselves and have fun with fashion. “SOMETHING yourself DARE” that’s not in London. For styling, fun in life and show part of everyday life and culture.

Not the first time it is here subject that in other countries and continents of handling big size ladies is different than with us. In an interview with fashion designer Anna Scholz I got some answers.

Your Statement: German women dare too little, because the desire for total adjustment is much greater than in many other countries. We are looking for equality and want to join us and a big size figure you fall now get out of the frame.

Because what actually could be tuned. I watch as the comments in big size fashion companies and plus size jackets on Ehistorylib. There have noticed time and again that the toughest remarks come from their own ranks. There are the women among themselves, which are not mutually indulge in their happiness, well-being and self-acceptance.

Mode may be an identity. In great lingerie day already different hits. Not always is one to dress and heels, but who bears now and which knows how to feel himself against changes. No one has to dress up, but it should also not be trusted not something because she is afraid to go out with it.

London street styles in February 2013

How do you find the Streetstyles so? It is not easy to find women who want to also be photographed. In Germany my case often encountered the phrase, “What a plus size blog”? Ne I will not. Too bad. But it also changes what, as you can see in this section, the first was a year after these pictures.