Like Candy Floss & Forget-Me-Not: XXL-Fashion Styles With The Color Of The Year?

Yep, maybe the title of our contribution to the trend color of PANTONE year is somewhat unusual, but the first thought is: How can adult women wear XXL fashion in these colors without looking like cotton candy or forget-me-not flowers?

As you probably know, a trend color chooses, based on careful research, the events of the previous year, and the Zeitgeist of each year Pantone, the instance in terms of color around the world. This year there were two colors: a delicate pink with the name “Rose Quartz” and a gentle light blue, the “serenity” (the word is from the English translated with serenity, joy, clarity) was baptized. The two soft pastels overflowing also in a gradient mesh. Even by 2015 the trend color was a powerful, rich sound, namely Marsala. And now these two delicate nuances – what a contrast! Of course much more behind it than reveal themselves at first glance can be put. Those responsible at PANTONE justify the extraordinary decision that: “More and more consumers are looking for mindfulness and relaxation as a response to the stress of modern life, come warm colors in the foreground, which psychologically correspond to our longing for peace and security.”

The PANTONE color of the year 2016 show on the one hand, balance between the warm pink shade and tranquility of the cooler blue tone. A statement should be used on the other side with the gradient of two colors to the “gender equality”. The gender boundaries are becoming blurred and this is reflected in many design fields.

I’m sure that it’s not about to dress completely in pink or light blue, but rather to set accents with XXL fashion, handbags, shoes and accessories.

The delicate “Rose Quartz” is reminiscent of cotton candy and the airy bright “serenity”-Blau a summer sky, or even in forget-me-not – these two things memories cause at a time, which gave much comfort and serenity. An “ideal world” from our childhood in contrast to the “adult – be” in our volatile and fast-paced world. Such memories and colours are the best remedy for the stress of everyday life.

To the two trendy colours, a whole range of matching colors has specially selected PANTONE for the fashion sector.