Large Sizes in Amersfoort

Large Sizes in Amersfoort this is a small summary of the range of large sizes in Amersfoort. If you’d like the entire trip, including read additional tips, click here: PLUS SIZE SHOPPING HOLLAND

Amersfoort is a cute little town near Utrecht. The shops are clear and summarized in a small center and the main shopping street. There you will find M & S Mode, miss Etam (with sizes) and promiss (without plus size department) and: ZIZZI.

As is always the case when you can have it all, you will find plus size tops. Abundance is not good. I tortured myself by all Jeans and Jean buying is genuine Monday under the clothes purchases and was then hypoglycaemic and annoyed. Here, the store is absolutely beautiful. Already made very appealing from the outside and inside, there is, in addition to the collection of ZIZZI, comfortable changing rooms and small coffees. Anyone traveling to Amsterdam and Plus Size makes shopping, should, if it is on the road, do stop there.

You can find the Zizzi shop in Amersfoord in: Langestraat 57 Here the Google Maps link to the shop

Amersfoort you can take prima en route to Amsterdam (if the direction is right) there is namely no Zizzi Store.

Other transactions for large sizes in Amersfoort: M & S Mode: Utrechtsestraat 49 Google Maps miss Etam: Utrechtsestraat 12 Google Maps (should not change what that the mise shop also carries their large sizes collection, please report For now, as of March 2015. have omitted him.