Large Size Shoes

Last weekend, I went to see “dangerous liaisons” in the theater Saint Martin. I think back to that character the Marquise de Merteuil, who uses seduction not as obligation to please men, but as a force enabling it to handle.

A sentence of the piece comes to mind: “Women are not composed of virtues but of flesh.”

That is true. Historically, society has dictated the qualities and defects “natural” women. At the time of the room, the woman had to be prudish, religious and without carnal desires of any kind. The have things changed today? I open a magazine: I think the aesthetic and moral obligations imposed on women are not so far away finally. They deny the feminine essence.

My colleague often said, “aesthetics imposed on women is dictated by men who hate women.” In fact, the woman must seek a male figure bearing some feminine attributes: big but not too small and muscular buttocks, apparent abdominal, muscular arms but fine, breasts that hold their own as if they don ‘ that consisted of the pectoral muscles, a Lara Croft temperament but elegant and fresh.

Observed result: Armies of women trying to look like physical criteria unattainable and very negative images of those who dare not go into this standard: the too round, too big, too muscular … They are then shown and decried into monsters by the media.

And yet the woman is made of flesh. It is round, his body is composed only of welcoming curves, each is different and unique as the men all have different tastes, fortunately.

In recent weeks, I can no longer wear heels. It is as if I was tired of doing me good, show me: I must find the courage to take me in society.

too round, too small, too large, too thin, too white, too old … I’m sick !!

TG exist and if we do not show as we are, how will people be able to get used to our presence without coming we talk all the time fields?

As a “woman that everyone looks all the time,” it is for me to set an example: I assume my size, my curves, my skin color, hair … And I displayed all with joy and happiness !

Here I am ready to stand my heels! Well, it’s not so simple … I’m a TG, standing is complicated: I want a stable heel 4-5cm max, a shoe that holds well my ankle, feminine and not too expensive.

Good thing OneStopPlus made a special big boots sizes. Nice plus size footwear that fits my criteria, but quite expensive.

On Zalando, I can select: 43 size between 25 and 50 €. Result: flip flops!

So much for Zalando, above 100 €, it is not in my means.

On the redoubt, I came across boots OneStopPlus but much cheaper (52 €)!

50 to 60% on boots for wide calves.

La Redoute, high winning hand again!

I do a good 42, 43 and see my boots I bought in La Halle aux Chaussures and Auchan: they go up to 42 or 43 (which size large). The boots are beautiful, many are of good quality and do not exceed € 40-50.

After all, the boots, it’s still the delight of the cold season!