Lagenlook, Part 1-The Original

Lagenlook is more than just a “look”. For his lovers, he is the mirror of her unconventional lifestyle.

The original layer look is much more than the wearing of several layers on top of each other, so neither the colloquial “onion” look nor the autumn/winter fashion trend “Layering”. That is why we are writing carefully in our Lagenlook-Boutique in our shop “Ich BIN Mode” and chose the “Lifestyle” section for this article. Because the Lagenlook woman lives her style, which is fancy and at the same time comfortable as well as
natural, quality-conscious and independent.

The Origin

The origin of this style of clothing is easily explained: the Lagenlook customer loves the feeling of exquisite fabrics, also from organic materials, on her skin and wants to stand out from the crowd. She does not follow fashion trends that the mainstream dictates to her. She wants to be different, to express her individuality, exclusivity & creativity authentically, not disguised, in her clothes, as well as her love for precious textures, applications and colors. The layer look can not be dated, it is just as unadjusted as its bearer, but to this day a regular layer look scene has established itself in any case. Their followers have deliberately decided to join this “clothing culture” and know their boutiques or onlineshops, where they can find and buy their “Lagenlook” – the reverse is also the case, the Lagenlook providers know their customers.They go shopping there specifically when they need something or they are informed about new brands or collections they might be interested in.

That Makes Him Out

Our designers and buyers are constantly looking for new cuts, styles and materials to meet the high standard of the demanding layer look lovers: elaborately handmade fabrics such as felt and natural materials such as linen and cotton, but also in crease optics, but easy to maintain And have been produced sustainably and fairly according to high processing standards. Unusual and natural design can also be found in the accessories, such as wood, leather or felt.

This Is How It Is Worn

The Lagenlook stands for design refinement and freedom of movement, as the comfort of our styles is in no way an extravagance.
Typical characteristics, such as asymmetry, laces, overlaps, and taut details, reflect the dynamism and vitality of this look and its wearer. For every day, every occasion and every mood there are outfits, which are as extraordinary as the wearer itself.