Katie Knowles Plus Size Model

Simply unique

Katie Knowles is 24 years old, a beautiful young woman and a successful plus-size model. But Katie has a handicap that doesn’t show her at first glance.

The handsome law student is suffering from spinal stenosis, a rare disease of the spine. When the disease years ago broke out, she couldn’t move her legsand the doctors you predicted that she never again can run.

But the fun-loving British did not give up, fight through diverse operations and agonizing hour of physical therapy to her legs again to can move.

Meanwhile, Katie can run again using a Walker.

A friend encouraged her for a few photos to pose to win back shrunken confidence. And the young woman was liking it immediately felt so comfortable in front of the camera, that she took a prestigious agency under contract. Now, Katie has been model for multiple advertising campaigns.

Katie had never stop himself from their disability, on the contrary, she was always an incentive even harder to fight to make their dreams come true for you!

The 24-year-old is fighting hard against the discrimination in the model industry, and hopes that more people who are not the typical model dimensions are accepted! A great setting with the Katie already is a great role model.