June Challenge: Black & White

Na oops! We have already a winner!
If I’m not mixed up, wins the June Challenge with a narrow lead against Beatrix: Sara Congratulations Sara! In 3rd place, the great outfit from Switzerland by Karolina. Everyone involved a heartfelt thanks!


In July and August we pause. In September, it then goes on, but without competition. The idea is to bring a lot of outfits on a topic together and make it all available readers. For the fun of it and to the fashion. Where I would also like to find their way back. This means you can in future comment all very much what you like, ask questions, be critical and we no longer have the pressure, the decision and the competition. Just Fashion up!

How do you find this slightly different context?

Hello and welcome to June a new round: Readers show their style. The theme for the Black & White. I would imagine that there still are some candidates who want to join. Let’s see what’s coming this way. In May my mail tray is certainly overflowed and I came barely keep up.
Vote for your favorite style can you, as always, in the back you let a comment. To win there is also something. This time I put together a small package. The winner of April has ever got A chain.

And let’s go: Sara from Bochum is 34 years and office clerk at the time but happy mum. Your statement about her outfit: curves you have to show and not hide under wide matters.

Mrs. Canape: is repeat offender, which we find quite amazing! Anyone who wants can also list again …
you is: art history student at the final stage and 35 years of
your outfit station: black and white quite simply Black combines a baroque pattern thereto and with coral-colored details freshened up – for me classical on one side and trendy on the other Page.

Beatrix is almost 48 and self-employed. Levels of care consultant and senior advisor (a trained nurse and clerk healthcare)
Your statement: black and white – suitable for all occasions, whether sporty elegant, business, party, shopping tour, I’ll carry it to, but in the meantime I need it colored 🙂

Karolina, 39, lawyer

Her statement: “A bit retro goes on. At the old bus station back in the 40s. ”

Babette (btw mummy of Georgia, what you actually see) is 48 years and an occupational therapist
Your Statement: This coverall is simply brilliant, stylish and comfortable.

Miss Kittenheel, 42 is landscape architecture and part time councilor

Statement: My style is “Vintage with a twist”. But I live today and my life is colorful in my closet and outside.

That’s me 😉 Not selectable! So at least not here today 😉