Jumpsuit For All Seasons

Hello friends, we are in a new station.You are right that the time’s “crazy”, but let’s enjoy the beauty of each season and don’t be in a hurry to her “speedy”.

So came the Autumn here in Europe, I have seen many people full of coats and boots, but on Demi-season use Yes, hottest clothes, but we can still take advantage of our “clothes”, as the overalls.

Yes, the big ape is that piece that makes time to dress, because it’s a unique piece, but I confess that I resisted because I thought that would mark the hip. But in winter, summer, or half a season, is a “Joker” (easy and practical part).

Tips for every body type


Abuse of printed models and modeling more soltinhas.


Avoid very large legs because they flatten the silhouette. Bet on the heels to lengthen.

Prefer models without pockets or folds in colors more sober.

Wide Hips

For you that has the hip, look for a model with .75 or long sleeve, to balance your silhouette. Opt for a belt at the waist to tune it; ideally be the same color as the suit. In this case, also prefer models without pockets or folds.

Fatties and Plus Size

Prefer the darker colors and smooth and the prints vertically or small prints and with darker background color.

Look for long legs and loose, such as pants, but without exaggeration.

Choose the right size, no larger models, because the leftover fabric will increase the silhouette.

The all black jumpsuit is easy to look thinner. In this case, abuse of large or colorful accessories to make it more interesting. But don’t get stuck to this rule, Navy Blue and Red are also good options.

Even though an easy piece, it is important to know some tips that can help even more time to assemble a beautiful look and without errors.

  1. If you’re wearing a belt, a match the same color as the suit.This can give the illusion of larger waist.Who’s already high can, use a belt to make contrast.
  2. For who’s short, wear shoes of the same tone or very similar with the jumpsuit, as this will help to lengthen.
  3. If you are in a cold season, just add a jacket, a blazer or a light sweater with long sleeves on top.In the heat, work in Accessories: Use it with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and wallets.
  4. The meatier, with bun in the oven or wide hips, should take care to ensure that the fabric is fluid (light and squishy) not to point out what you don’t want to show.
  5. trim the jumpsuit has to be in the right spot.Regardless of model or your body, should not be too loose nor too fair and the length can be short.
  6. Even at parties such as weddings, can be used, giving preference to the most elegant models.
  7. models are striking, patterned a lot should not be used a lot in a row.

If you do not yet have a jumpsuit in your closet (wardrobe in Brazil) go a little model, and as soon as I can get.