Jeans Plus Size : Tips On How To Use And Find On Posthaus

Hello darlings! Another video came out of the Posthaus Style Guide and this time talking about plus size jeans in various ways! 

I love jeans, I think it’s the kind of piece that you can wear at work, at parties, at parties, at lunch, to go to the moon… Ok, not so much, but I have several jeans and I love them! Hua hua hua

For me, the best part of jeans is that if you use the SAME piece and change the combinations you totally change the look-multiplying your wardrobe\o/. For example, if you wear a skinny pants with a thin salute and a blouse of sparkles, the look can turn up to party. If you wear SAME pants with a sneaker and a T-shirt, the look is well street. And the jeans dress ! I find it very beautiful and it is possible to makeoverlapping of various coats, cardigans, vests and shirts.

Jeans is jeans, right? So get some tips in the video below and then some very interesting links for nice plus size jeans pieces with friendly prices at the Posthaus online store.

Jeans Plus Size: Tips On How To Use And Find On Posthaus