Jeans Figurgerecht

They are available in Slim & Straight Cut as well as High&Low Waist: But which jeans flatter your figure the most and emphasize your chocolate sides?

Our demands on the perfect jeans are high. She is to make slim and long legs conjure, comfortable and at the same time chic. Too much demands? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! For every woman there is the ONE. The jeans that fit perfectly. Here we present you a true figure miracle.

For our jeans labels have dedicated themselves to the perfect fit and create clever cuts of refined denim mixes and patented technologies. With the “Lift Tuck” technology from NYDJ, For example, a whole dressing size is wrenched away.

Round Bottom

A pair of round buttocks flatter a jeans model that supports and shapes without making the butt look bigger. Ideal are slightly exposed models, which balance the proportions of buttocks and legs. WithBootcut Jeans you are usually right. Likewise,boyfriend and girlfriend jeans minimize optically curves by the casual cut.

Dark colors and washings are reduced in the background and can therefore diminish visually.Perfectly rounded is your jeans, if you have small, close-fitting sitting bags.

Styling Tips:

  1. Light print tops deflect the lower body.
    2. A-lines with high-low or asymmetric seams fall loosely over the buttocks.

Short Legs

Jeans with a high waistband as well as straight cut orskinny or slim jeans are perfect for short legs. For example, For example with High Waist Jeans, you can not exactly recognize where your legs start and where they end – this has an lengthening effect.

Two birds with one stone… Skinny/Slim Jeans also often have a high waistband. In addition, many of our designers now offer short-length jeans, B. Kj Brandand Zizzi. This way you save the gear to the tailor!

Instead of flat sneakers you should wear medium-high to high heels. Then you can also grab the hottestjeans , which fall down to the ground and thus stretch optically.

Styling Tips:

  1. Wear jeans and shoes tone in tone, which makes the legs appear longer overall.
  2. Avoid capri or 3/4-length, waist pants, and reversed seams.
  3. Beanies, applications or light washes are worn.
Strong Thighs

As already mentioned, dark washings have a diminishing effect. However, the incision is also decisive for strong thighs. Bootcut jeans, hip hit jeans pants and straight cut jeans balance the proportions through their exposed or straight cut form ideal and elegant. In addition, they are very comfortable when stretched.

This wearing comfort also fulfills the boyfriend andgirlfriend jeans through their casual-playful expanses and is thus a legally alternative. This is also true for all models: If you wear shoes with a heel, you can optically lengthen your legs.

Styling Tips:
  1. Belt, trousers and shoes should be tone in tone and without pattern.
    2. Wear shorts that loosely over your hips and buttocks and accent your upper body with bright colors and eye-catching patterns.
Pronounced Center

The trouser collar should be the focus here when choosing your jeans model. High waist jeans are almost at waist level, have a supporting effect and let a small belly disappear quickly. In addition, the High Waist Jeans promises comfort. Because no matter how low you bend or sit down and how much you move, the waist does not slip.

Besides the height, the cut or the seat plays an important role. For example, women with a pronounced center and slender legs should be ableto access skinny or slim jeans, calmly even in light shades and/or with conspicuous ablutions. Because they direct the attention of your opponent down, away from the body center, and emphasize your legs.

If, on the other hand, you have a pronounced center and strong thighs , your perfect jeans should be either slightly exposed, straight or casual.

Styling Tips:

  1. Combine blouses or tunics that gently play the body center.
  2. One-row, slightly waisted jackets and blazers ending at the hip are ideal.
  3. Avoid waist pants.