Jane is Plus Size Women and Blogger

To work with fashion has always been a dream of Jane White, but for many years she thought there couldn’t possibly be a place for her in that body fixated an industry. Today she lives by her blog MIA Closet, which inspires curvy women to step into fashion image and drop the shame of their weight

Three years ago found the now 34-year-old Jane White herself in a dressing room with his friend and dietician-nutritionist-her friend’s girlfriends, who all looked like and was, muscular Miss Fitnesser. To his amazement she heard all of them complain about their bodies. A had too much cellulite, another could clearly see that she had been too lax, and such continued it.

Even weighted – and weighs Jane on the other side of the 100 kilos, and dreamed about losing weight 10-15-20-30 km, that would change her life. But the episode was critical to where she is, for it was the starting gun on her blog marilyns Closet. It she tells in an interview with HOTICLE.

Jane is Plus Size Women and Blogger

-There I was thinking that if THEY are not satisfied, why should my whole life so be a battle with myself and my body? I will not get better with myself by losing me, notes Jane, while she thinks back on that moment when she realized that she had to learn to accept how she saw out and get the best out of it, because it will not be what you eat, but what you think – about themselves.

Diplomat in the fashion industry

Originally is Jane trained nurse.

-I’ve always had my own style and interested me for fashion, but I thought that it would be impossible for me to get a foot in the fashion industry when I looked as I did. I was also happy to be a nurse, but had a feeling that I was created for something else.

When Jane nevertheless ended up in the fashion industry, was due to a car accident and whiplash, who did her 10 percent invalid and forced her to find a less physically demanding job.

-I’m not good at the victim role, so I chose to see it as the universe’s way of saying, I had to change direction. I created the blog, took a coach training, and gradually, as the blog got more and more followers, I started believing in my project.

It is three years since, Bryson Closet became a reality. Jane set out from the start that the clothes she wanted to show, should be the same as that found in fashion magazines.

-I feel a little like a diplomat. On the one hand, the industry will have to deal with me, now I’m there. On the other hand, there are also many overweight, who sit at home and say that models are too thin, and there are no bother do smart clothes for us. Can I show them, that’s how it is in fact not. If the demand and purchasing power is there, there is also someone who will design the clothes, we will go in to put the money. the right places. On the way is all my work is not just about fashion, but also on body revolution and sister solidarity. I do know, of course, how many women, who sit at home and say: “On 10 kilo goes my dreams come true”. When the 10 kilos so don’t smoke, exposing one only life, she says.
You can drive very home by seeming confident

Although it with Roopini words still requires “balls” to be great in an industry that is so body fixated, she has also obtained evidence that one can afford much when just wearing his kilos with confidence.

-When I show pictures of myself, my readers often write that tool just looks better on me. But it’s all about, that you can drive very home to seem confident, smile and be themselves. We women are often too harsh by ourselves. When I go in the city, for example, I have no problems with attracting men’s attention, even though I weigh 30 kilos too much. I’m happy and flirty, and I think rather, men want to be with a woman who is imperfect and happy for what she has, than one that is stiff as a Board, because she is unsure of herself, says Jane White to the HOTICLE.