Interview with Plus Size Model: Ulrike Bartos

Two weeks ago I had the honor of a conversation with my very honorable colleague Susanne von Lyricist Ella. The interview is very extensive, intense and as I could see from the many feedback positive, smart and inspiring become. It has been shared and commented on many times in the social networks. Since not all of you potter around there, get the interested reader of you presented here again, the interview can be found at Susanne. Enjoy yourself!

Excerpt from the introduction:

Ulrike was a great in both senses blogger, one that had arrived at the top of the lifestyle blogosphere for me. An example? Yes, that when it came to their courage and their success.

My attitude to fashion – Excerpts: I come from a family in which clothing was also a statement. A political fact. These were the women’s movement years my mother and total political and critical education that I enjoyed that also influenced clothes, style and fashion….
With us was always money for good books there. Learning, knowledge, develop that were important values that have shaped me. This helps me today very. … ..

Furthermore, you can read how I failed on my own rebellion, as I came to fashion, when and why I made my last diet…

About my style: Urban, sophisticated and classy!
This is enhanced to make mistakes, otherwise nothing to develop.
Furthermore: why Plus Size Ladies must be more creative if they want to dress beach.

About models & Role Models: I’m a fan of Tilda Swinton. A woman who is anything but chubby, but a style that takes my breath away. And of course Isabella Rossellini, I could even meet her live, and would put down the embarrassing appearance of my life by a hair. Here is the article about this meeting.

On the question of whether I have favorite piece of clothing:
Dresses, dresses, dresses and more recently: jeans and sneakers. Janz modern lady 🙂 And of course I have in Germany bought all long capri pants and coats as an outfit.

How did your attitude to beauty and appearance in recent years has changed? To what extent aging has to do with it? I’m vain and that has something to do with my upbringing. Many came only gradually and it also does not stop there. That I feel uncomfortable in the wrong style, arrived late with me and now the feeling is quite strong, it should come to that time. It was not until last year I bought, at the age of 44, a dressing table and…..

Also in this part of the very long interviews: what my drawing lessons to do with perception.

Questions about cosmetics I answer.
There you can find out something about my favorite travel companion and why I do not want to go under the knife, but would prefer to invest in a personal trainer. And of course I chat about “My beauty secret” Here the interview   and here are some pictures:

The particles I meant with indoor jacket. You can find it here: INDOOR COAT POSTING Classy in my newperfect dress and that was 1979 Palituch. At that time, a statement, now a fashion accessory