Interview: Plus Size Model Kristina Diener

Dear Readers,

Not a day passes in which not reached me a message that has something to do with plus-size model. Therefore I, two years ago, from a whole range of information to build it.
I meet in my job not only the stars and the big time, much more interesting are often the ones that are not so long here. The still remember how it was when they started and are still at the beginning of a perhaps large modeling career.
So one is for example Kristina servants who, when I see through my photos from the shows so more than once on my way has crossed.
Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to them in more detail:

Hi Kristina, even introduce yourself to short.

Hi, I’m Kristina servant or Kristik and live in Hamburg. I’m young;) and have always controlled some ants in Popo 🙂 I am a native of Kyrgyzstan, but had been living in China, America and even Germany. I have very often wanderlust, love foreign cultures. And am not averse to emigrate or at least for some years to try. I have studied communication design, but working as a development manager in the programming. I love clarity and not wishy-washy. For that I am too emotional and peace-loving, as the bull is way it is.

You work for some time as a plus-size model, as it has come to?
I would like the fairy tale, which was fulfilled, tell 😉 In Spitalerstrasse (Note; this is a great shopping street in Hamburg) I was 2011 by Curve Model management addressed. I was totally excited, I understood only half because I did not know this niche and a model always wore a 34/36 for me.

But it gets even better: the time I was approached, I was with a date on the go. I was pretty dressed and have probably smiled. A proper luck I would say. In the right place at the right time to have been. Classically I was then appointed to the Agency for Polaroids. I was examined, photographed and then I should sign. And yeah: the date also was very positive. We now 4 years together. Conclusion: was always on the alert, make yourself get lost. You do not know who comes your way.

About the modeling industry is heard so much good stuff, how are your experiences?

A crazy world. Since I classic work in the office, it is the biggest balancing act that you could imagine. I find this roller coaster journey “today we are artists, dates, all love each other, clap their hands, hug and hope to see you again -. Great job” And the next morning at the office you will not even looked at when you come in – that’s hard.

But this is only so if you are booked for shootings. Even otherwise, it is, if you have a catwalk job. Here more elbow behavior is announced. The girls want to provide not only a good show, but also convince themselves and the stage utilize the discovered and possibly to be booked for themselves.

In casting, it is also different. Especially if you already know one another. Here I get less competition with.Mostly you speak alone before. Since no one bothers. The modeling industry makes me when you work with plus and straight most fun. One thus has no competitive behavior and it is interesting to exchange ideas. I do not like even frolicking only in the Plus circles.

Do you think that the modeling industry in 42+ sizes is different?

In my eyes she is still young. You come around a lot, looks often have similar faces. That does not mean “you have all the customers through” but that there are simply still too few. Many only work with domestic models wearing plus size swimwear, as these have the shorter route. Some think it’s great to say: I have a model from NY. And some want you at any cost. Is not happened to me (laughing) – The latter are more parallels to the straight models.
The Plusmodel industry fights but much stronger for diversity and simply even greater variety of models in the catalog, campaigns and catwalk. As a plus you may 38-54 be on stage while straight only in the 34/36 range romps. Assembly 38/40 it has rather good in Italy.

I must say that I am for diversity, but rather in a PeopleSoft agency and more for the eye. (Note: a Peolple agency mediates many different types of TV and industry, since the focus here is not on the presentation of fashion, there is a larger selection)

At the presentation of high fashion, I have a clear opinion: I am for 42/44 as plus and 34/36 for straight. I myself am not 42/44 but would then need to work if I want to meet the size criterion.

I am also for “schweppes faces”, Tattoo and freckles. These people are beautiful and interesting and will be always in demand. Then there are customers who Refinement clear. But even these often have more criteria than just straight size. The search for more of a particular type. Also may be opportunities in the positive range. (Note: this could for example so a guy like Denise Bidot be that is currently seen in many campaigns Plus Size)

I have experienced in any job rudeness, no matter how expensive was the model. I also have not seen that the straight-size models are constantly on a diet. On the contrary, a plus-size model fights often with decrease and increase.

Your best moment in your model career?

There is not a moment. There are several in the course of each job:
The message: “you’re booked.”
If the photographer you critically appraised and then look up and “wow” says.
If the job is over and the customer is satisfied.
If you again an email from the agency with feedback gets.
If incurring consequences: further booking or recording in foreign agencies.
praise, love, recognition is motivation relapses throughout the process of a job. And these moments I aspire course of time and experience it very often, fortunately.

There are curves in demand and also a hot topic. What do you think, this is only temporary?

Curves get more respect than ever, I would say. With # IAmNoAngel editors were awake again and then came Tess Holliday on the cover of People and if I send my friends, acquaintances and relatives who do not bring absolutely except me with the industry, in conjunction, links, I think to myself: Jap, now it has made Gong.

It is not just a message that will soon be forgotten, but there will always be an issue. Unfortunately no need Magazine nice stories. It’s all about skinny models or extreme Plus Size, which indeed fabric supplies to exciting. I must say that the modeling is not yet recognized and accepted in Plus Size as a profession. But it is also not only a hot topic. There will always be curvy women. And always new discussions around it.

If you now start from scratch, what would you advise a newcomer?

I am often contacted: How can I be a model? Or already Models who ask: How can I get more jobs?
How can you model are: You have to make yourself pretty cope. Every day! Because it can be, that you will addressed. So it was, for example, with me. Or are you doing it classic and are applying for with good photos. It is important already own photos that show you varied bring. Anything but to dollen retouching or fantasy images! Since it does not look like you are.

Also very good Pola you should always have. If it does not work the first time, do not give up. You evolve further and indeed should that again show at a later moment. And as in said in the interview: the criteria of an agency are irrelevant. There are in some no minimum height no dimensions ratios (90-60-90), which are aimed at.
Everyone who has been to an Agency: patience, always keep photos currently on and talk to the agent. I had 3 jobs in my first year and was totally sad because I love to stand in front of the camera and also personally think that the camera likes me and recognized me great, but it was not. At the time I advised a model keep patience and photos currently. I can only pass on.
And I do not work regularly as a model. There are quiet and turbo stages)
remain on the ground, not so much expected. So it would be all the more!

What will we see in the future from you? What are your next projects?

Good question. As I stated in my eyes rather than exporting force me – that “the doll” – see, I have no own projects in the plus range. I blog not, I have no calendar, I have not a show that I organize, no lable and no agency or similar. I’m just a part of all these projects when I’m booked on one of my representative agencies.

Unfortunately I can not say anything until the publication of the customer and must all keep to myself. But we must tell you in advance that you meet me at 12/06/15 in the jury of the casting for the PSFD at Ulla Popken in Hamburg.
Anyone who wants to can my fan page on Facebook or me on my Instagram account follow. As I say then, if I may, where it goes

My private projects would soon: dance class! I Love Hot rhythms and just looking for a partner for salsa etc. Also: build a table for the kitchen, sew a summer dress. My dream project: cut my hair on boblÀnge.
Still in the future I’ll find but always projects. Whether that sometime in the range lands Plus, I do not know. Own business idea, kids get, write book, be boss or remain employed is still in the stars, because as it is now, I am completely satisfied.

Love Kristina, I thank you for this nice conversation. Now I know why we keep so well understood. I guess it is because you have already lived in many places in the world. This usually makes much more open and uncomplicated, this is at least my experience with such people because the have learned that many roads lead to Rome.
I am curious to see how it goes with you and look forward, if I beat again see on a catwalk.