International plus size model: “Many women are not created to be thin”

She is a size 44, equipped with both luxuriant bosom, round hips and hourglass figure. And so is she. has met the international top-and campaign model for Denise Bidot.

People kept saying to me that I had a personality as a protagonist, but that I had a body type as her best friend. There was nothing wrong with me, except that I had forms.

The message was clear to Denise Bidot, for 8 years ago when she came to Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming an actor. But Denise would not change who she was. Today is the half-Puerto Rican, half Kuwaiti 28-year-old both an acknowledged plus size-top model and role model for curvy women worldwide.

International plus size model Many women are not created to be thin

– My story is a real Hollywood story about being at the right place at the right time. Since acting dream blinked, i went into makeup industry, and one day should I style a plus size model. Before I knew it not, the plus size industry existed. But the photographer spotted me, and then it just went away, telling Denise Bidot.

Assertive role model

Denise Bidot had never imagined that she would be a model. She was not thin. But her model shots gave her an exemplary strong self-confidence.

-When I was growing up, I felt no special, but today I can see how big a difference confidence makes. I feel pretty and get self confidence through my photos, and it gives I on to the women who see the pictures and can identify with them. I see my body as a temple, so I’m very happy with where i am today. It’s a really cool feeling.

Flowering plus size industry

When Denise Bidot shot his career in time for 8 years ago, forms a rare sight in the fashion industry. Plus size was for women 30 +, because there was an assumption that it was older and larger. But Denise has experienced the plus size industry boome.

-We are a really good place today. For many years it was plus size not something you talked about in the fashion industry, and it was as if, delete forms did not exist. You could not get nice clothes, and there were no role models to look up to. Today, the plus size industry largely got a vote. Brands inventor slogans such as hoticle “Fashion has no size”. Many women are just not designed to be thin, and with plus size models pushes we women in the direction that we should stop trying to change all the time, joining Denise Bidot.