Inspiration Plus Size: 17 Shades of Blue

Hello darlings, today’s plus size inspiration is blue color After I took the hair off I noticed how I like to wear blue! It may seem to have no relation, but it is that with light hair the blue contrasts more and it looks very beautiful . But do not think it’s just blondes who look good with color, no! To prove that blue is a color that we plus size we can and should use and abuse, I made a set with 17 blue-based looks . It has skirt, dress, party dress pants and even overalls for you to take inspiration plus size and carry for your wardrobe and for life.

Note: do not call my lack of skill in Photoshop! One day I learn to cut pictures right … hua hua hua.

Inspiration plus size: blue

From left to right, from top to bottom (just click on top): party dress ♦ dress with leaked bar ♦ dress cropped ♦ patterned skirt of hearts ♦ fringed sleeve shirt ♦ dress with galaxy print ; Overalls and turban ♦ printed trousers and jacket ♦ floral short skirt ♦ blue and white floral print dress ♦ short origami and printed shirt ♦ horizontal stripe dress ♦ bandage skirt and kitten shirt ♦ lace dress ♦ long knit dress ♦ t-shirt And Blue Jeans ♦ Short Party Dress.

I find blue a very democratic color , which looks great for all skin tones and has the ability to leave a cheerful and elegant look. Whether mixing with colors, whether it’s matching with white or with black, it goes great and leaves no doubt.If you are insecure: go blue!

Did you like the plus size inspiration in 17 shades of blue ? Then share with your friends and leave your comment down here saying what is your favorite blue tone and your beloved piece of color!