In These Curves Is Work! This Is What Ashley Graham Does for Her Dream Body

Ashley Graham has managed what millions of models only dream of. She graces the most important magazine covers and has become a model for countless women.  But she did not manage to do it with meager, but with the hottest curves the fashion world has seen in a long time.

But anyone who thinks Ashley Graham does not have to do anything for her dream body is wrong. We reveal how the model of the hour is really fit.

Healthy, healthier, Ashley Graham

As far as nutrition is concerned, Ashley Graham is also very healthy. A lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and most of all in the form of smoothies or bowls are almost daily on the menu with the brunette beauty.

Psst! According to Ashleys Instagram’s profile, her favorite smoothie consists of cucumber, green cabbage, spinach, apple, and ginger. Does not sound too bad, does it?

That the 29-year-old puts much on fruit and vegetables does not mean that she does not also appreciate carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes and natural rice give it an extra portion of energy. And now and again a small sweet sin is synonymous for her synonymous totally ok. So go to the pizza-but always in moderation!

Without sports, Ashley Graham does not go

But what good is the perfect diet if you do not keep your killer curves in shape with perfectly matched sports sessions. Ashley Graham is anything but on her spotlessly rotten skin.

On the contrary, in order to balance itself out and define their curves at the same time, they regularly set kickbox hours. But the American is not just talking about her fists: in the fitness studio , you go on with cardio and strength training, as well as with HIIT , one of the most popular workout forms to burn fat and build muscle.

As much as the model also sweats in the training or omit one or the other piece of chocolate: She knows exactly that in the end it is only important to love his curves and himself!