In Mission STYLING on the Road

I’m back. Blessed, somewhat fatigued and with great pictures! The second time I have put together for Happy Size a few outfits and yesterday they were photographed with me inside. I’m not a real model, do not run on the catwalk, but I do not miss an opportunity. Together we prepared for breakfast and then went to the mask.

This time, I was even more happy because the same team was on site, as in the winter and we had a lot of fun together.Ninety minutes later was clear:the next beauty investment will be small heat winders.

With the make-up artist and stylist Thorsten we rummaged through the clothes hangers.I had put together ten outfits, but some had already been sold out.To my great pleasure it was short tight blazers and skirts.The only thing that can be said is that the curvy ladies here dare!Some things had to be put …

We had simply reassembled another one. In addition to the Rockabella outfit, I absolutely wanted a “Caro Emerald” styling. I’m really looking forward to our implementation. What I have seen on the computer, has me already times. When I had dressed everything, my hair was finished, the right lipstick was painted on, and I tapped into the studio, it was clear:from each piece of clothing something can be done if you have only ideas (and the experience of a stylist).

At the same time to our Plus Size Model Shooting three large photo productions took place. From time to time I peeked at the neighboring studios, where work was concentrated. Here plucked, put there, new light and the model stood all the time bravely and smiled when it started. How much work it is!

There I was glad that we laughed loudly and we discussed backgrounds, poses and stylings.I also had the impression that my professionals for the change times quite well.

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