I Love Myself: Smile.

Today I was cleaning the bath room. While doing this I often saw myself in the mirror, cause it just is there right above the sink. I had music playing, I think Friendly Fires, I was singing along, my make-up was smudged, I was wearing a worn out pink sleeveless top and my hair looks a little bit flat today. I smiled to myself while singing and suddenly felt a super big confident boost. I started to play around a bit. How would it feel to smile every time I see myself in the mirror?

At first it was a little big strange. I felt a bit stupid, but I kept on doing it for the whole afternoon while I was working in the bathroom cleaning up everything and sorting thing out. It made me realize, that a simple smile can have a huge impact on every life. There is this myth that if you feel down you just have to put a pencil in you moth and bite on it, you use the same muscles like as if you are smiling. It is said that just this little thing can make you feel better. Just like most people start to smile, when others smile at them.

So conclusion is very easy, isn’t it? Smiling at yourself is, even if sound stupid, one of the best things you can to. Just try it our for a day or two. You can star with a short and tiny smile every time you see your reflection in the mirror. If you got used to it, make a bigger smile, try to look really into your own eyes while doing it try to put all of your love into you look and you smile, and soon you’ll want to see that there always is someone who makes you smile.

When I today I cleaned the bathroom, I not around came to see me in the mirror more often. When the brush I have loud music friendly fires heard, I sang, my makeup was somehow smudged and I wore a worn out, pink colored top, were also my hair is also somehow a bit flat at the moment. When I looked in the mirror, I grinned and suddenly I got a super big confidence boost. I’ve started a little bit to play around. How would it feel, when I would smile at me every time?

Pretty weird at the beginning and a bit daft. But but I have further made easy, all afternoon while I was in the bathroom. As a result, I realized how a simple smile can affect. Maybe you know also this rumor, that if you are feeling bad, you need only a pencil across put in the mouth and bite on it. Since doing the same muscles, claimed as in laugh, one should feel supposedly better. Just like most people automatically start to laugh when they see someone else smile.

So, is the solution obvious, or? Himself smile at, even though it sounds really stupid, is the best thing you can do. Try just, for one or two days. You can with a brief grin start, every time when look in the mirror. As soon as one is accustomed, smiles you best a bit more, trying times to look you firmly in the eyes! Attempt to look at you with love and confidence and a smile, and I swear, soon you will be always someone around you, the you to the laughing brings.