I Love Myself: Lovely Day

How does your perfect day look like? I think everyone has thing in their mind. we dream about it and we make it up in our heads. But while we are thinking so much about how a perfect day could look like, we forget to just realize that everyday can be perfect in its very own way.

S top thinking it a really needful step on the long way of loving and accepting ourselves.†and so our life. So the conclusion is to look and concentrate on little things that make you happy. To focus and stuff you like to do you feel good in. Or in other words: surround yourself with things that are on the same energy level as you are.

For me today what one of these days.

What would your perfect day? Probably everyone has something in mind. We dream all of them and paint us as could be such a perfect day. But of all this we think over forget often that every day can be a perfect day in its very own way.

To give up is one of the most important steps on the way to self love and acceptance of our lives thinking. The solution lies on the hand, you should focus on things that make one happy. Only that that gives us a good feeling and where we feel great focus on that.

Heute war für mich einer dieser Tage

I woke up in the morning, the sun was out and I had breakfast on the balcony with my mum. The amazon-man brought us an order and I was super excited about a book I bought. It is called “Geschenke aus meiner Küche” what means “Presents from my kitchen” and it is full with stuff you can cook, bake and make to give to other people. My mum and I talked about what we could make for the people whos birthday is coming up in the next month. We really got into the flow and went super creative, lots of ideas spiraling around us. I dicided to make a smal cake for a friends who is celebrating her birhtday tonight.

Then I opened the door for the chimney sweeper, who was really nice and also looking damn good.

I spend a lot of time sitting in the sun and made a tasty lunch with tomatoes, mushrooms, toast roasted in olive oil and salt and some melted feta cheese. In the afternoon mum got some herbs from the garden to dry them, in the kitchen she found a little snail between them, It was so cute and my brother and I acted like 5 years old letting it crawl up ours arms. After that I brought it back down in the garden and thank it for giving me a few minutes of feeling like a child.

Now I am chilling on my bed listening to great german bands enjoying their lyrics. I am looking forward to dressing up for a nice dinner with friends tonight…

Actually a day with it nothing used to get really excited about. But I haven’t felt that inspired and relaxed for quite a time long. So instead of feeling bored by everything and spending your day with thinking try to get in touch with some loveliness. Put your focus on what is there on what you have and on what happens and not on the stuff that you are missing or feeling of having a lack of. Than you’ll have the chance to make everyday a perfect day.

I woke up this morning, the Sun was shining, and I’ve had breakfast together with my mum on the balcony. When the Amazon man came I was totally on the book that I had ordered eagerly: “Gifts on my kitchen” it’s full of things that cooking, crafting and baking can, to give them away. My mom and I have immediately become creative and came up with gifts for all upcoming birthdays. We were right in the river and a whole bunch of colourful ideas floated us through the heads.Point out I decided quickly another cake for a birthday also to make tonight.

Then I opened the door the chimney sweep, which was really nice and looked just just fine!

I have long been sitting in the Sun and made lunch delicious tomatoes, mushroom salad with toasted bread and melted feta cheese. The afternoon is to pick MOM down in the garden to Lovage and dry. While she dragged somehow with a small snail in the cows that my brother and I directly have caught us. After that, we were long busy toddlers to behave and to crawl the snail on our arms. I have again put them out in the garden and thanked her for it.

Now I lie on the bed, hear great German bands, and delight in the song lyrics. I am looking forward to make me chic for the birthday dinner and to see my friends.

Actually not a super special day. But I have already long not so inspired me and I felt relaxed. So remember, rather than to find boring and stupid, you should spend the day prefer to deal with some nice. You should focus on that, what you have and what is happening and not only on the things that you might miss. Then each day going perfect in its own way.