I Love Myself: Insults

Under the title nothing more is been posted already, yesterday however I’ve got a very nice Facebook message, of course, I’ll let the author anonymously, however I would like to share the question and the answer with you. I have often said much of this, but you can hear things often enough. Also, I think that there are still many people that are the same or similar problems plague around. Also your personal attitude towards it would interest me. What would you respond to this message?

The Question
Hey, can I ask you how you are dealing with insults? So I’m often wrong looked at from the side or get down proverbs. Unfortunately, my confidence is very low and I’m trying just that bounce off comments with me to leave, but deep inside something hits me very.You seem very confident and are really inspirierend…gib what of me The Answer
So now I can understand fully that something hurts, there were times that I wanted go hardly on the road because I had the feeling that look at me everyone, whispers or says anything nasty to me. To it is important that it is concerned about it, what people throw one on the head, fat, thick, walrus? Of course it’s not nice and totally unnecessary, but it really helped me to lose the fear of the word “fat”. If I’ve heard things like “what’s that for a fat” earlier, brought tears to the eyes has risen just me, worse, it was still uncomfortable when girlfriends or friends who were travelling with me heard the insult. But if you think about it, nothing offensive is on there, because I’m fat, I’m fat. Fat is just a euphemism as thin, tall, small, blonde or brunette. It is an adjective and if someone so slightly behind calls friends, you can it congratulate only that he has two eyes in the head or questions why he necessarily aloud to express this obvious fact to him… On the other hand, so hard to imagine sounds, in the moment I really stopped it to eighth and also to think in the moment in which it was really doesn’t matter, what people have said and I not only superficial but deep inside of me in there, understood that it is doesn’t matter, what thinks anyone on the street about me (of course I always moments where this idea quite suddenly missing is me) , it has become better. I think that much depends on what we radiate outward. Of course I want friends not insinuate you’re own fault when people say mean things to you, and if you would love you enough yourself, then stop already, but I think that people have it need to make fun of others have a sense to feel themselves better, to annoy those , who work at least…
I can hardly explain how I came to this point, I know also not when that happened, but I know that today fewer people about me chasing or maybe it simply no longer strikes me because I just can’t be sure.
To good last it, so stupid, this is also for the first time, whatever is an itself. For example, I was always convinced that my hair is awesome, I loved her in every imaginable color and was never insecure about it, whether green or purple or pink maybe totally daft to me look. If someone said something about my hair, it has never hurt me, no matter the verdict was as mean or stupid, because I was myself just convinced that I have the right to have this hair and no one can give me the feeling that I should not carry as I want. If however someone said that your legs are too fat for a skinny jeans, then has it made me ponder and hurt me. What I’m saying is that only the things we believe itself, where we are in doubt and we find bad themselves to us, can be injured from outside. Clearly there is no one the right to treat people badly or to discriminate because of her figure, but we can do something about it so that they have no more attack surface and that is unconditionally to take us to learn to love us and us to be satisfied me.

I know that it is difficult and often sounds like something that you never will, create right not, only when you get to feel from outside only negativity, but I know that it can be created. Can this confidence and this dear learn by surrounding themselves with positive things, yourself compliments, replaced directly by a positive thought negative thoughts as long, until the negative thoughts are less and less.