I Love Myself-Here Is Where We Started.

Even so to love me as I am, belongs to one of my life goals. Also I would like to inspire other times about their attitudes to think even opposite to. Because “Yes of course I love myself” is to say or write, one thing, but is something else entirely to treat, how you would treat someone because you love unconditionally and revered, even so.

It is even more difficult to see people, even one time through the eyes of a loving but I think that it is not so impossible with a little practice, as we sometimes think.Therefore, I would like to treat me better from now on! Because if we are honestly say and we think a lot of mean things about us during one day, we treat each other much worse than we like for example our best friend, our parents, a beloved person, and sometimes not even a stranger on the street, would treat a beloved person. As everyone will make of us but every day some things, who well do it, but not really seen as a “treat” for ourselves. Also I think himself so his true self, to love, very deep so rooted is, like also his body and his appearance and to recognize.

How regularly do you enjoy the time with your own or get some good friends?Something like a ceremony in which you celebrate, how great it is you yourself to be? Clearly thinks at the beginning maybe now “Because I have no time!” or it sounds like a great effort and lots of money. And this one does not notice how much you narrows itself even with these thoughts, thus that one this combines self love with time and money.

Just going to throw that up, I will not recommend you to ask every day before the mirror and tell yourself “I love me”, then I can do personally much, even though I will not deny that it is just the thing for someone else!

So, think but something that you can enjoy on small things that make you laugh or give you a good feeling. What would that be? Music? Sun? Being together with nice people? Buy a dress? Go for a walk? Play with the kids? Or the dog? It’s doesn’t matter. Do something that you like! Best something where you think not, as you just look! For me, those are things like in the kitchen sitting and fooling around with my family, play with my big little brother. For a few weeks, it’s my belly dance course. I enjoy to sing it out loud in the car or to drink my coffee in the Sun on the balcony.

The essential fact is that you a few minutes just for you should yourself every day, a moment in which you do something you like and where you totally can off his head. Because only when you learn to enjoy without thinking you can or can’t do that, or not deserved it because you’re too fat or too thin or too old to do so, such moments you can learn to love how it is so.

I have to admit that I have to say a lot about the topic, that’s why I want to make a regular series on it. Not only to share these thoughts with you, but also to make them myself clear for me. Also I would be happy, if I could find a few guest bloggers on the topic. You must not to write that on German & English, I translated it gladly. So e write me to reizende.rundungen@yahoo.dif you like something for the “I love myself” series would write.

And lastly I want to know of course what is your personal moment that you take to treat you a minute with yourself and stop thinking?


To love myself the way I am, is one of the main goals in my life. And I want to inspire others to think about their attitude towards themselves. Writing and telling people “Yes for sure I love myself.” is one thing, but treating yourself like you would treat someone you truly love & adore makes a big difference.

Even more difficult is to see yourself through the eyes of a loving person, but I think it is not as hard to get there, as we always think. That’s why from today on I want to start to treat myself better! Cause if we face it, at the of the day we did a lot of things and we thought a lot of things about ourself, we would never ever do or say to our best friend, the person we love, to our mum or dad, sometimes not even to a stranger on the street.Just like we actually do a lot of good things for ourselves everyday, just no noticing or appreciating it enough. And I truly believe that learning to love ourself, our true self, not only our body and looks is deeply connected to learning to appreciate our body and appearance. 

How regularly do you really enjoy time with yourself or treating yourself something nice?Like a ceremony of celebrating yourself everyday? At first this might sound to you like big thing, like buying expensive stuff or you might think “I have no time for something like this!”.
Are you aware of how much you are limiting yourself with thoughts like this? Do you notice how you connect feeling good and showing love with money and time? By the way I won’t tell you stuff like “Look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you on a daily basis”, cause I think this might work for others but not for me. I can’t really focus on stuff like this nor take it serious.

So think about stuff you like or enjoy, and think about little things that make you smile, make you feel good or just give you a few moments of joy. What is it? Maybe music?Sunshine? The company of someone you love? Buying a dress? Talking a walk? Playing with your kids? Or your dogs? It doesn’t matter. Do something that you like. Something where you don’t care how you look or what you wear, something that you can enjoy without any thoughts about how your body may look in this or that situation. In my case this might me sitting in the kitchen and having a fun talk with family members, or romp around with the tall little brother. Or since some weeks it is going to belly dancing class.I always enjoy singing loud in the car and having my coffee outside on the balcony. 
It is really important to give you a few minutes a day where you do something you love and it is even more important that this is a time where you fully stop thinking about how you look! Cause you need to learn to enjoy stuff, and that you are worth enjoying it and that no one in the world is allowed to tell you off, just because you may be to fat or to thin or to old in his or her opinion.

I have quite a lot in mind to say about this topic, not only because I want it to share with you, but also because I really want to make it clear for myself. So you can expected a this to become kind of a constant series at my blog. I would really enjoy to present some guest bloggers on this topic. You don’t need to be able to write in German & English, as I would translate it for you, if you want to. So contact me at our site if you like to write something for the “I love myself” series on blog.

Last but no least, I want to know what your daily moment of joy is and what do you do to take your personal thinking and just enjoying timeout?