I Identified Myself: 10 Bloggers Who Are People Like Us

Some people think that their lives are easy and pure glamor, but also those who do not miss a blog post, are loyal followers and have a list of favorite blogs.

The truth is that bloggers are also people like us and most work hard to produce good content. Regardless of fame or not, they are always after news to share.

What many people do not know is the work that gives behind a cool and differentiated content, because not always the blog is just the look of the day. The topics range from fashion and beauty to travel tips and incredible recipes. Not everything is clear glamor, there is photo to take, image editing, video editing and a lot of creativity to leave everything always flawless.

There is a lot of blogger that deserves attention for producing interesting content and doing a job well done, so we separated some that are worth knowing, follow and not lose any blog post.

1. Carla Lemos

Carla is one of those people who just look at you already feel good energy, gives that one up in the astral and you certainly want to sit and talk to her. She has a unique style, full of attitude and personality, and is always with that smile on her face. Carla commands Modices , fashion and beauty blog, but always focused on valuing the style itself, fashion with more awareness and representation. Reasons to follow the blogger!

2. Camila Rech

Camila is from Rio Grande do Sul, a student of design and is the cuteness in the form of a person.The pink hawk is its trademark, in addition to the modern style, fluffy and with attitude. In the blog,Meninices da Vida , she talks about everything a little: fashion, beauty, teaches some recipes, gives tips from books and also talks about decoration. The blogger capricha in the photos, the layout of the blog and the videos, you see that everything is done with a lot of love and dedication. The blog is one of those that you spend hours seeing all the photos and finding everything beautiful, well worth the visit.

3. Ju Romano

A chubby girl with short legs and long lashes”, as she herself defines herself. Ju Romano is a plus size blogger who brimming with friendliness, authenticity and style. She’s one of those people you want to be friends with, so high-spirited she is. In the blog you find posts about fashion, beauty, hair and also texts on the behavior of women nowadays. Ju talks a lot about self-love and self-acceptance, there’s no way he can not identify and love.

4. Evelyn Regly

Evelyn is a gem carioca and an extroverted blogger. The blogger is full of people like us: she talks about controversial issues, she gives vent, she tackles day-to-day affairs, and of course, she makes looks of the day beautiful and also speaks of beauty. It is impossible to watch a video of the blogger and not laugh, I feel like spending hours watching everyone. You can already save her blog, It’s a Bummer! , In your list of favorites that have no error!

5. Rayza NicÁCio

Owner of incredible beauty, Rayza conveys a peace and calmness just by looking at her. The blogger is also the team of self-acceptance and super in favor of taking care of beauty inside and out. Rayza is an advocate of the original curly / curly hair identity, a fan of the minimalist style and devastating the day to day productions. On the blog and on her youtube channel you will find many beauty and lifestyle tips.

6. Joana Moura

Joana Moura or Jojo, for the intimates, is the name behind the One Year Without Zara . Joana created the blog with the intention of spending a year without buying clothes, accessories, nothing.Time passed, she fulfilled the promise and continued with the blog, which talks about fashion from day to day, creative and conscious fashion. In addition to posts of beauty, finds of the world of fashion, decoration and travel. For sure one more blog to put in the favorites.

7. Carol Burgo

Carol is from Recife, has lived in Portugal and now lives in Rio de Janeiro. With a light smile and a unique style she is the author of Carol Burgo . The blogger’s proposal is to get out of the common place and find different ways to wear the same clothes. Besides the incredible looks, the blog also features personal texts and travel tips. And the blogger does not stop there, Carol is also owner and designer of prints Prosa, a store full of beautiful clothes. You can already run to be inspired by her looks!

8. Melina Souza

Melina is the kind of person you want to keep in a cute little pot. She has a delicate, light and romantic style, and this is all conveyed on her blog, Serendipity . Melina is a lover of books, on the blog you find several reading tips, she is passionate about music and photography. If this is not enough for you to go see her blog, she also gives travel tips!

9. Isadora Ribeiro

Isa is that person who spreads love every little corner that passes. She likes to be close to nature, she is a photographer and writes beautiful texts about life, day to day life and love. The blog, Na Nossa Vida , is made by her, but you’ll always see her two little guys and her boyfriend over there, they’re a beautiful family! Isa also loves sharing delicious recipes and is always putting her hand in the dough and doing beautiful things at her house.

10. Ana Loureiro

Ana is a businesswoman and a doer of things, as she herself says. The blogger has a basic style, but with a modern footprint. On the blog, Modacustom , you find looks of the day, some beauty tips and a lot of decoration tips and customization ideas. It’s so much beautiful thing she teaches you to do, from lamp with old book to fabric chandelier, you’ll want to spend hours and hours on the blog.

It is always good to meet new people with different proposals and styles. We always end up learning something new, reading incredible texts and identifying with that person’s lifestyle. You can now update your list of favorite blogs!