Howdy! Winter Cowgirl Outfit In Silver Jeans In Large Sizes

Jeans are a book with seven seals in large sizes for me. I bought my last jeans 19 – 6 years ago. So far, I was a big advocate of Jeggins – lots of stretch and elastic, which keeps the Federal Government there, where it should be: on the body. Normal jeans are from me. I have a fairly lush Po compared to my very narrow hips and have until now never can find a pair of jeans that fits on the thighs, as well as on the federal super. Either, they fit great on your legs, for that I can in the gap opens up between my lower back and the trousers that either one pound transport bananas, a teddy bear or Exchange a pair of shoes – or they would theoretically fit at the waist, I would because once get the jeansover my back.

Jeans In Larger Sizes For Different Body Shapes

For years, I am so at loggerheads with the denim – classic and as Silvana and Daniela , I was only even slightly shocked by the new styling – challenge – part. After looking at the website of Silver Jeans , I was however surprised – because someone has actually even thought: the company offers different styles for different body shapes. I chose to “Suki”, the cut for the very curvy figure with large difference between waist and hips. From a small selection, we were allowed us also a jeans – style pick. I am generally someone who wears trousers like as high as possible and like Super skinny and dark. So I picked out the darkest, smallest and highest cut jeans size me, which was to be found among the proposals of the label.

Surprise Silver Jeans

When the jeans arrived, I was already at the take out the packing very surprised. I know mostly from very resistant fabric jeans – “brettig” is called among professionals sometimes. The Silver Jeans was super soft. The first tightening was a surprise number 2. It fits. Just like that. It fits. Not drag, pull or rumgehüpfe, until you finally then like a prestige in the seat – no. Clean hatching, button, done. By the soft texture, it is very comfortable to wear, not pinches and feels already after a short time as a second skin. By the style here not 100% convinced me to. Like I had a still narrower jeans, which is even slightly higher cut and dark. I somewhat old-fashioned seat folds forward accentuated the washing with the find. Probably even a size would have been less than better me, as she slips slightly after some time of wearing.

That’s why I chose also a belt, which I have incorporated into my outfit with. It goes great with my new hat and lace ankle boots. Because it just snowed here I wear in my padded mable – coat. A one-off, we produce also according to own wishes in addition to our regular Collections.