How To Wear White Blazer: The Third Joker Piece For Your Looks

The blazer is one of the most popular third-piece, used to compose sophisticated looks, elegant and modern. Despite being an item coming from the men’s wardrobe, it has won the preference of most women and today there are several models that combine with the most varied styles.

One of the most used is the white blazer that instantly helps make the look more interesting. For Daniela Amado, a style consultant at the Educational and Design Educational Center (NEDI), in Belo Horizonte (MG), the white blazer is a versatile piece. “It can match all styles, everything will depend on the composition of the look and the model of the piece,” he explains.

In addition to being versatile, the white color helps to deliver a unique message. “It is interesting to note that color is perhaps the most powerful force in communicating fashion, and just the white color unconsciously communicates purity, innocence, and femininity. If the look stays clear, it will express just that. If there is a contrast of colors between the pieces of the look, the message will be different, “says the consultant.

Learn To Wear The White Blazer

Because it is a piece that matches all styles, it is important to learn and know how to match and match the white blazer. According to Daniela, the best way to use it is in monochromatic looks.”The white total communicates elegance and lengthens the silhouette.” Another possibility is to use it in color contrast. “It communicates drama, strength and power,” reinforces the NEDI consultant.

“The white blazer is the perfect choice for when we do not want to make a decision about color. It makes us feel clean, renewed and open to change, “says Daniela. Therefore, this is an important part for any wardrobe and to know how to use it, the consultant quotes several tips to follow.

White Blazer With Tailored Trousers

For executives and women who need to wear social at work, the white blazer and tailoring pant combination is accurate. “Before, only white blazer with the tailor’s pants of the same color and fabric was used. Today you can mix even textures, provided there is harmony in the composition.The pieces need to ‘speak the same language’, “explains Daniela.

The monochrome look is chic and easy to compound, so it’s a great choice. For those who want to break the monotony and still wear white pants and blazer, you can bet on a colorful shirt. If your intention is to pass modernity with your look, create a look with colorful pieces that harmonize with each other.

White Blazer With Jeans

To break the seriousness of the white blazer, jeans are a great choice. Likewise, the white blazer is the piece that will give modernity to the jeans. “It creates a charming, yet informal look,” says the consultant. There are several possibilities to mount this look, both for the neutrality of the white blazer, and for the versatility of jeans.

The color of the blouse and accessories will determine the result of the look. A lighter blouse will make the look fresher and chic. Already betting on a blouse and colorful accessories, will have a modern and jovial look. For more formal looks, bet on thin-heeled shoes. For casual looks, sneakers and thick-heeled shoes are ideal.

White Blazer With Printed Trousers

Another option of pants that forms a great combination with the white blazer is the printed one.”The ideal, not to err in the beginning, is to choose a print that has the white color in the composition. It’s the first step, “says Daniela. Floral and striped prints are the most common and also the easiest to combine, since they usually have a white color.

The blouse can be either the color of the blazer or some of the colors of the print of the pants.Another option, for the more daring women, is to bet on a blouse also stamped. The tip is to always combine prints that have colors in common to harmonize this blend.

White Blazer With Shorts

While the options with pants are ideal for the work environment, the double blazer and shorts can be worn on a day to day basis. “A lunch, a walk in the mall and, depending on the temperature, informal external events as well,” the consultant advises on the possibilities of occasions when shorts and blazer can be worn.

To make the look very casual, bet on denim shorts and casual accessories, such as boots, sneakers, skirts, hat and colored bags. If the intention is to put on a more social look, tailoring shorts, monochrome colors and high heels are great aids to make the look more sophisticated.

White Blazer With Skirt

The white blazer with the skirt provides an ideal combination for many occasions. You can either use it in work environments, betting on skirts midi or pencil, as for more casual moments. The skirt model is also important when it comes to hitting the look. “The white blazer combines with a straight skirt or evasé skirt,” the consultant points out.

Another detail that should be noted is the suitability between the length of the blazer and the skirt.”The length is important, since the ratio between blazer and skirt should be correct,” teaches the consultant. Avoid wearing a blazer longer than the skirt. Skirt models that help evidence the waistline should be combined with shorter blazers.

White Blazer With Dress

You can wear the white blazer to make any dress more elegant. The pair can be used for events that require more sophisticated clothing, such as dinners, as well as shopping trips, lunches and other more casual events. One tip for the perfect match is to choose dresses that have white on their prints or, when they are colorful, bet on neutral colors.

There are some models of dresses that look best when worn with a blazer. “If the top of the dress is more ‘sequinha’, the trim will look better,” says Daniela. “At the bottom of the dress is the same principle of skirts,” says the consultant regarding the length of the dress and blazer.

White Blazer In Winter Looks

The white blazer, although it looks like a less wintery piece than a black blazer, for example, is a great choice for your winter wardrobe. Assembling overlays with it makes your looks cooler and more modern. Bet on the combination with leggings, skirts and dresses with pantyhose.

Black may be the color to break the neutrality of white. The black and white combination is easy to assemble and is quite sophisticated. For feet, bet on closed shoes, such as boots or scarpins . For colder days, add scarf or invest in more than one coat on your looks.

Where To Buy White Blazer?

This is an easy to find piece to sell, so in any physical store you can find a white blazer model available. If you do not want to have the job of leaving home, there are also many white blazer options to be purchased via e-commerce. Below is a selection of some of them ready to be purchased.

The NEDI Consultant Answered Several Questions About How To Hit Betting On The White Blazer. If You Plan To Tear Down Your Piece, Check Out The Following List And Keep An Eye On All The Tips Given.

  1. Who can use it?According to the consultant, any woman can wear the white blazer.”Remembering that it raises the top of the silhouette. If you raise the top, you should balance the bottom so as not to create an inverted triangle sensation, “he warned.
  2. How to use it for plus size women?The tip for plus size women is to wager on the blazer acinturado and with fabric less structured. “And to improve, draw attention to the center of the silhouette with a collar, for example, so the eyes will not be focused on the sides and shoulders, giving the feeling of increase,” Daniela adds.
  3. Which models are ideal for each biotype?”Lower females may use shorter models to lengthen the leg. The tallest bet on the longest, up to hip height. Plus size women avoid the more structured, straight and jambed blazer. Straighter cuts disguise curves, “says the consultant. It pays to choose the ideal type of blazer for your silhouette to ensure that modeling enhances your body.
  4. What is the best way to store and care for a white blazer?The white blazer should be stored hanging, so that your model will not suffer damage when being folded. “Hardly the white blazer is worn more than once without the need for washing. Depending on the structure and fabric of the piece, the ideal is to be washed in the laundry room. Maintenance is more expensive to maintain a white piece, “says Daniela. Always refer to the part label for instructions on the type of washing.
  5. How to buy a great white blazer?”It’s a versatile piece and the fabrics will give the tone of formality or informality. A cotton blazer, for example, will be used informally. Always try, pay attention to finishes and trim. It is a piece of investment, it pays to pay dearly and have a white blazer that will last for many years, “says the consultant.

Ideas On How To Wear The White Blazer

A great way to get ideas and inspiration to wear the white blazer is by observing how other people use it. For this, we selected more than 50 images of bloggers using the white blazer in several ways. This way, when you want to bet on the piece, just take a look at the gallery and choose an image to inspire you.

The white blazer is a great piece to invest. It fits well in various combinations and can be used on several occasions. In addition, it is possible to mount looks for both winter and fresh days. It’s a great third piece to enhance any look.