How to Hide Big Arms in Summer

We all have our little complex and whatever our weight! As we enter the 36, 44, 52 or even 60 or more; it is typically women to focus on a too round belly, the apparent love handles, ariding breeches, of too thick legs, ankle enough comic or too round arms.

All women have complex!

So even if sometimes hear your friend / colleague / sister / sister (not big in your opinion) complaining about her figure may annoy you to no end, know that we have all our complex!

With the return of the sun and summer approaching, we decided to send you some tips if your arms complexed you. Needless to stay to die of heat under a vest, a jacket or bolero to hide his arms in summer, there are other tops to adopt.

Even if you prefer to hide your arms in summer, you say that this is not a reason to cover you completely! As soon as it gets too hot, do not hesitate to show but not anyhow. Here are some tips to avoid attracting too much above the eye.

However, keep in mind that people who do not want to see your arms need only look away.Except those that are seen in the magazine (often “photoshopées” bonus), all women have small defects.

What should we wear or not to wear when we round arm?


  • The 3/4 sleeve: ideal for those with a large complex, the arm “dangling” because of age or a big weight loss
  • The batwing sleeves or butterfly: fluid and the elbow, they are perfect
  • Marcel or tank top with wide straps: they rebalance the silhouette
  • Fluid fabrics: pinned sleeves will be best made
  • Transparent sleeves: fishnet or lace, they conceal feminine way


  • The ups that stop right on the biceps: they emphasize the roundness of the arms
  • The balloon sleeves: useless to add volume side
  • Tops to spaghetti straps: too thin straps emphasize the thickness of the arms and shoulders
  • American armholes: same as for spaghetti straps
  • The shiny fabrics
  • The tight tissue
  • Cuff bracelets

Check out our top 5 Clothing to Hide Her Arms In Summer

We tend to tell you not to hide but we also understand that for some the complex may be insurmountable. If you do not want to feel attract the look on his arms you find too chubby, it’s simple:


Light and full of pep, go for this pretty fluid tunic printed with flared sleeves.

We love this top ultra fresh and original sleeves with veil hiding while lightness.

Air is the right word to describe this light blouse with printed summer presented by the beautiful Aurelie Giot.


Because to avoid bringing the focus on your arms, you can also uncover your legs! We like this model of little black dress in printed tulle sleeves, short but not too much.

The lace is again acting up this season with marine model, ideal for hiding arms in summer.

We hope our tips to hide his arms in summer will help you not to suffer from the heat if your arms complexed and why not you dare show outright!