How to Dress to Hide Your Curves

Fashion is an art, almost, that takes some skill and a sense of style to avoid errors of taste.But you need to know above all, it is his body! For it is by relying on what you know about him that you will know what you will … or not. Besides there he really clothes to avoid when one is round?

Hide These Curves That i can not see!

Ask anyone on the street if curvy women can get away with anything in fashion and she will answer, no, absolutely not. Because what is expected of a round woman usually when it dresses is that she hides her curves and other small defects through his clothes.

Yet, with a sharp sense of style, a perfect knowledge of their bodies and without fear of revealing their faults, curvy women can afford a lot more than it seems .The bloggers we also prove often , there is very little clothing to avoid when one is round.

But, let’s face also, most women do not have the sense of style that have these round bloggers and most of us would not be able to assume their outfits . Clearly, not forbid you anything if you are round but if you are a budding fashionista, stay in the nails to avoid errors of taste.

Zap When What is Round?

you can still say it again, there are no clothes to avoid when one is round, provided you have the taste and perfectly know their body, its strengths and its flaws. For others, here are some tips that it is always good to keep in mind.

The Holding Animal Print 100%

The trend is printed, and we do not hesitate to try it, of course, even with curves. but it avoids the look 100% animal print.

The Tight Look From Head to toe

One can wear tight clothes when one is round, but you can not wear head to toe. As with our previous forbidden, tight clothes tend to give a vulgar side to curvy women (to others for that matter) who wear it, and that’s really not what we found.

The Mini Skirt

The chubby legs and / or cellulite avoid these trendy clothes are shorts and micro mini skirt.Let’s face it, very few women can afford it. So these are clothes to avoid when one is round, failing to really give in bad taste.

The Crop Top With a Hipster Bottom

The crop top is fashionable for several summers now and we love it even on curvy women.Yet when we belly, better not to wear with pants, skirt or other low hipster. The navel air is nice, but not necessarily on curvy women in life everyday!