How to Dress for Gorditas and Petite

Ask yourself I wear if I am chubby and short?. You have double reason to lengthen and stylize your figure, and here are the best recommendations:

* Wear a single color to the shoes, that create an effect of lengthening and proportions in your figure, but this does not mean that you can not do any contrast with accessories or clothing, as for example a blouse with small flowers and soft colors. If you have too much bust, definitely avoid flowers and ornaments.
Your garment sleeves must reach maximum of ¾, or elbow. You could use long, provided uses it collection or folded, giving a beautiful look.

* Use your skirts above the knee, the midis will make you look lower and legs shorter.

* In your blouses, sweaters and dresses (learn about definitions of dresses in DigoPaul), you must choose the neck v, eyelet collar, or the turtle, looks that you want according to your type of face.

* To look more high used clothing more tight or snug on top and loose at the bottom.

Plus Size Fashion

* Usa heel skin color. They must also you have some tip or be triangular tip. Choose simple shoes.
* Avoid belts and embellishments on shoes and less ankle which embrace.
* Use your skirts and pants at the waist, but without thick belts, these are dangerous for your figure.
* As regards the accessories, it uses small lenses, thin bracelets, necklaces or very long or short
* Looking for the style and tone of hair that suits you according to the length of your neck and your face type.

Remember: Dress well not only means to go with fashion, dress well means to do it for you and not for others, dress well means feeling well.