How to Choose a Plus Size Swimsuit

Large or not, round or thin, there is always a swimsuit that suits the shape of our body. How to hide her belly, develop small tits wide hips or with a swimsuit, they tell you everything later in this article.

Choose her swimsuit according to its morphology

I have a round belly and want a swimsuit to hide

The swimsuit is a fitting garment that leaves not much option to “hide”. Yet it is possible to mask certain areas of the body such as the stomach by choosing well his swimsuit. Simply wear a tankini which looks like a one-piece swimsuit but mold under the belly. Alternatively, opt for a swimsuit an original piece with ruffles or

How to Choose a Plus Size Swimsuit

fringe that hide the belly.

For a two-piece swimsuit, we proceed instead to a rising panties that hides the belly and with a print that will blur by optical effect the appearance rebounded belly.

I Have a Morphology in h Without Well Designed Size

To showcase a body shaped H, no marked size, we have to create volumes where there are none. For a two-piece swimsuit will prevent the panties style / basic triangle and we prefer panties with ruffles to the bottom , and a V-neck for the top. Also, avoid absolutely the band as a top swimsuit.

If you prefer one-piece swimsuit, so choose a swimsuit with a V neckline and belted possibly at waist level. Generally avoid all forms of swimsuit that create horizontal lines and accentuate the cubical next to the body.

I Have Wide Hips And Morphology a

For morphology A, choose a two-piece swimsuit that gives volume to the chest. A bra push-up or even with frilly is advised. For the low, do not over emphasize the volume of the hips and stomach and choose a low single swimsuit, without accessories or frills.Attention must be paid to the upper body.

Same for the one-piece swimsuit, the bottom of the shirt must stay sober and attention must be paid to the chest, which will be much enhanced by a cover heart shape , for example.

I Have Broad Shoulders, Large Breasts And Narrower Hips (Morphology V)

Here, we take the advice of the morphology A but by reversing. We will seek to minimize his chest and bring the volume to the lower body . The top of the swimsuit should be simple, with reinforcements to support a strong chest but above all, without push-up effect. The low will be rather less classic with ruffles or fringe like this model from Forever 21 worn by Denise Bidot.

For a bathing suit a room, choose a bikini like Bikiniwill enough covering the hips, not too notched therefore to give an impression of volume. The top of the jersey will be really thin straps or no straps at all.

Choose Her Swimsuit According to the Activity Performed

A bathing suit is a garment that can be beautiful, but must above all be practical. Difficult to practice an activity aquatic being constantly working to put the straps of her bathing suit or hold down his suit to prevent slipping, you will agree.

So before you choose a swimsuit, you must think a bit about what we will do. For the pool, choose a one-piece swimsuit that good wife’s body , especially the chest not to be slowed in his swimming. Two pieces swimsuits are also ideal. But to be more comfortable,try to avoid the two-piece swimsuit that attaches to the hips, back and behind the neck with simple strings.

Same thing for surfing or bathing in a turbulent ocean, choose a swimsuit that will withstand movement and wave power. Also avoid the swimsuit too notched or with a mini panties, less comfortable when moving lot and the curves tend to want to escape!