How to Burn Abdominal Fat for Up to 48 Hours

The best strategy to burn abdominal fat for up to 48 hours is to do aerobic exercise of long duration and high intensity, such as running, for example.

How to Burn Abdominal Fat for Up to 48 Hours

The most important is the effort that the person makes and not only the time of training for this half hour of the race, 2 times per week is already able to burn enough fat accumulated underneath the skin and also in the interior of the arteries. With the advantage that you can train in any place, in the square, on the street, in the countryside or on the beach, in the best time for you and you can still participate in the racing competitions that take place in large cities.

How to burn fat with the race

The secret to burn fat is to train, doing a lot of effort, because the more muscle contraction is required, so rhythmic and continuous, as happens in the race, the more efficient the fat burning. In a marathon, where it is necessary to run 42 km, the metabolism can increase to 2 000%, and body temperature can reach 40ºC.

But you do not need to run a marathon to burn all your fat. Start slowly and progress gradually.

How to start running to burn fat

Who is overweight and has abdominal fat to burn may begin to run slowly, but if you are obese, you must first start with walking, and only after the doctor release you can start the races, but slow and gradual.

You can start with workouts of only 1 km, followed by 500 metres walk and 1 k race. If you can, do this series 3 times in a row and have been able to run 6 km and walked 1.5 km. But do not worry if you do not get the complete workout right on the first day, to focus on to increase the workout each week.

This fat burning can also be achieved in a workout of cardio exercises that you can do at home in only 7 minutes. Here’s a great workout here.

When will I see the results

Those who practice race 2 times a week you can lose at least 2 kg per month without change to diet, but to enhance that fat loss should restrict the alcoholic beverages and foods rich in fat and sugar. After 6 to 8 months of racing, you can lose about 12 kg in a healthy way.

Because the race burning as much fat

The race is great for burning fat because during a workout of 1 hour, the body increases both your metabolism which the body gets even more hot, as if the person were to stay with fever.

This temperature increase begins during the workout but you can stay until the next day, and when more hot the body is, the more fat the body will be burning. However, for this to happen it takes physical effort because it does not suffice to use heavy clothes or work with a jacket when it is in the summer. This will only hinder the body temperature regulation, eliminated the water so unnecessary and damaging to health and will not burn fat.

Warning signs

The race is a practical exercise that you can do on the street, without having to enroll in a gym, which is an advantage for a lot of people but in spite of this advantage, unless accompanied by a doctor or trainer can be dangerous. Some warning signs are:

  • Feeling cold and chills;
  • Headache;
  • Vomiting;
  • Great tiredness.

These symptoms may indicate hyperthermia which is when the temperature is such amounts that it is harmful, and can lead to death. This can happen even on days that are not very hot, but the air humidity is very high and not conducive to sweating.